Romney biggest contributor to SC anti-gay campaign
July 4, 2006
"The extent of his involvement with the South Carolina group is seen as the beginning of an attempt to build a national coalition of conservative groups — something he will need if he goes ahead with his quest for the GOP presidential nomination." [link]

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Why We Fight for the Freedom to Marry

Equality California
July 10, 2006

"Our fight for the freedom to marry is a fulfillment of American values -- not just because most people value love, commitment, and protections for family, for which we seek marriage, but also because it is part of the history of freedom that those who seek freedom must stand up for it."

New York Blade
July 3, 2006

"There is no single gain that would more end discrimination and provide protection than winning the freedom to marry"


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COLUMN: ‘Together we shall overcome’

Southern Voice
June 23, 2006
"Ten years ago, I introduced Coretta Scott King at Atlanta Pride. Her message still resonates today." [Link]

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OPINION: Remember when inter-racial marriage was all the politicians’ rage?

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
June 19, 2006
"In time, I'm sure state governments will have to accept that millions of gay couples are already marrying in everything but the courts." [link]

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OPINION: Amend This!

Planet Out
June 15, 2006

Columnist Keith Boykin weighs the idea of a pro-gay constitutional amendment as a way to combat the constitution-happy foes of marriage equality.

Goal is long-range change
Chicago Tribune
June 10, 2006

"Laws and amendments aside, gay-rights organizations are investing resources into communication and education in an effort to change attitudes."


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Minnesota Democrats add gay support to platform
June 12, 2006
"Minnesota's wing of the Democratic Party — the DFL — overwhelmingly voted to add a plank to the party platform opposing constitutional bans on same-sex marriage." [link]

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State Stances on Marriage Equality

June 10, 2006

States Take Variety of Stances on Marriage Equality
NPR's Weekend Edition on Saturday, June 10, 2006 features commentary by Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson [Link to Podcast]

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A Libertarian Case for Marriage Equality

Q and O
June 10, 2006
The Q and O blog explores the libertarian perspective on marriage equality, concluding with the notion that, "the ideal libertarian solution would be to have the government get out of the 'marriage' business altogether." [Link]

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Too Soon To Celebrate?

Mercury News
June 7, 2006

"Evan Wolfson, director of Freedom to Marry, said it was too soon to celebrate. He noted that Alabama voters decided Tuesday to amend their state's constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Voters in seven other states will be asked to do the same in November."

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A very personal issue

June 6, 2006
The fight for marriage equality is close to home for Joan and Nancy VanReese, partners for 18 years, who share a home in the Nashville suburbs. [link]

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