On The California Decision

Marriage activists look to state Supreme Court
San Francisco Chronicle
October 6, 2006

Leaders and members of the lesbian and gay community said Thursday's ruling upholding California's ruling denying lesbian and gay couples the rights and responsibilities of marriage was a minor setback. "I think we win some and we lose some; there are good passages and bad passages," said Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry. "We've said all along that this struggle to end discrimination is going to be a patchwork in which we see some states move faster than others."

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OPINION: Lesbian and gay marriages can reflect God’s covenant with creation

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 4, 2006
"It's love that makes a family. I witnessed the power of this love firsthand as a child when my uncle and his partner would visit from California. It wasn't until the 1990s that I learned my uncle had twice been sent to a sanitarium in his youth to be 'cured' of his homosexuality. When my uncle became bedridden for nearly a decade in his 80s after a series of strokes, his partner was at his bedside caring for him every day. The bond of their commitment is what marriage embodies and honors." [link]

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ID businesses join marriage equality movement

Boise Weekly
October 4, 2006
"We could not stand idly by without taking a stand on this amendment," said Michael Byron, president of the Idaho Inclusiveness Coalition, in a prepared statement concerning the Idaho initiative to write marriage discrimination into the state constitution. "As an organization, we are charged with developing and implementing strategies for creating inclusive communities in Idaho. And as businesspeople, we are concerned about the effect passage of HJR2 would likely have on the business climate of our state. Opposing this amendment is the only logical choice for us." [Link]

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Study: Marriage Equality Good for the Economy

October 12, 2006

Policymakers and businesspeople have not fully recognized the enormous potential gains to the economy from treating same-sex couples equally," M. V. Lee Badgett, the study's coauthor and research director of the Williams Institute, said in a statement. "Our study shows that equal treatment of couples in the business world attracts heterosexual employees and creates more productive workplaces for gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees." [Link]

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Church supports civil marriages

The Telegraph
October 2, 2006
For the past 30 years the church has performed weddings of gay and lesbian couples while supporting the rights of other churches to sanction marriage of their choice. "Civil marriage is different," said Khleber M. Van Zandt, pastor of the First Unitarian Church of Alton. "When a couple is married in the eyes of the state, they receive protections far beyond what those who are considered unmarried receive from our system of laws." [Link]

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Court rules church unlawful in campaign against marriage equality

First Amendment Center
October 2, 2006
The church became an "incidental campaign committee" by holding meetings, distributing petitions, and being involved in political activities. [link]

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POLL: Minnesotans do not support constitutionalized marriage discrimination

Minnesota Public Radio
September 28, 2006
A majority oppose amending the Minnesota State Constitution so that gay and lesbian marriages, including those performed in other states, could never be legalized or recognized. [link]

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Clergy condemn call to constitutionalize discrimination

Rocky Mountain News
September 25, 2006
"I believe homophobia, and not homosexuality, is the sin," said Morran, minister of the First Unitarian Society of Denver. "Marry 'em all; let God sort it out." [Link]

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Divorcing gay couples create new legal issues

San Francisco Gate
September 25, 2006
Gay and lesbian couples in the United States cannot marry anywhere except MA, but many states that legally recognize same-sex couples now send them to divorce court if they break up. The legal questions are new because there was never such disconnect between states and the federal marriage laws until VT instituted civil unions in 2000, and only 113 of those unions have been dissolved. [link]

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EDITORIAL: The anti-family amendment

The Roanoke Times
September 19, 2006
When a state's attorney general interprets the marriage amendment one way and a hundred-plus attorneys view it another, Virginians can be sure of one thing: Much time, money and brainpower will clog the state's courts for years to come if that amendment passes in November. [link]

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