Common Ground Among Conservatives on Marriage

National Review Online
October 25, 2005
Dale Carpenter covers ten points that conservatives agree on when it comes to marriage. He briefly discusses the intellectual conservatives, such as Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan Rauch, who have made the conservative case for marriage, embracing the idea that the commitment and stability of marriage would benefit same-sex couples, their relationships, society and the institution of marriage itself. [Link]

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COMMENTARY: Marriage matters

Daily Illini
October 12, 2005
After listening to a discussion on why marriage matters in Illinois, Mollison writes about his recent understanding about the privilege of marriage and the real harm and unfairness of being denied this legal right. He discusses how same-sex couples have already suffered way too much for being different, how the legal inequality only serves to harm families and does not benefit non-gay couples, and the personal issues involved, especially the tragedy of not being able to marry the one you love. "To be honest [thinking about homosexuality] made me feel uncomfortable...real people suffer when the law enforces my discomfort." He continues about why marriage equality is a civil rights struggle and the importance of taking a step back and really looking at the facts. [Link]

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Domestic partner benefits delayed by legal confusion

Yes Weekly
October 12, 2005
In Greensboro, NC officials must wait for guidance from the state attorney general to sort through conflicting legal opinions before moving forward with a proposal to extend domestic partner benefits to city employers. [link]

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NTERVIEW: The battle to say “I Do”

Mother Jones
October 10, 2005

Beckel interviews Evan Wolfson who has been in "the trenches of gay rights advocacy, leading the charge to end the exclusion of gay couples from marriage" for over 20 years. They discuss his book, Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality, and Gay People's Right to Marry and the continuing momentum of the marriage equality movement. [Link]

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Episcopal church in Fayetteville supports blessing for same-sex couples

Local Channel 3 News
October 10, 2005
After years of discussion between parishioners and church leaders to approve a resolution adopting a rite of blessing for same-sex couples, an Episcopal church in Fayetteville, Arkansas has agreed to support the resolution, becoming the first congregation among the state's 55 churches in the Episcopal Church USA to support such a ceremony. [Link]

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LETTER: Parent supports marriage equality

Freedom to Marry
October 10, 2005
In a brief email, Caroline Mallory responds to the radio segment on AM 580, WILL in Champaign-Urbana, IL with Evan Wolfson. She expresses her frustration with the inequities her gay son faces and will continue to face without true equality under the law, as well as her hope behind the marriage equality movement. [Link]

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Connecticut’s First Same-Sex Unions Proceed Civilly

Washington Post
October 2, 2005

Lidia Agramonte and Maria Gomez were the first in line at the Hartford City Hall Saturday morning, when Connecticut's civil union law took effect. Connecticut's legislature was the first to create a "civil union" status without a court order to do so, and now provides same-sex couples most of the state-level legal rights as different-sex married couples, though not marriage itself, with all its intangible meaning and importance, or federal and interstate protections and security. Despite the smiles and occasional tears, this was nothing like the hoopla when Vermont began civil unions in 2000, or the midnight ceremonies kicking off Massachusett's marriage celebrations last year. Randy Sharp, third in line with his partner says, "It's bittersweet because we're being treated as second-class citizens. It's not full marriage equality." [Link]

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Making vows for equality

The Advocate
September 27, 2005
Straight couples like Tracy and Vivek are dedicating their weddings to the fight for equal marriage. [Link]

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Marriage Equality Enters a New Era, but the Fight Continues on

Village Voice
September 20, 2005

105 lawmakers in Mass. have recently moved to the side of fairness helping squash a proposed marriage amendment in the only state, so far, where everyone has the freedom to marry. The California legislature's historical vote said 'yes' to marriage equality. Connecticut created civil unions for same-sex couples, without a court order. Polls are reflecting a shift in public opinion as more people move toward equality and fairness. Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson says, "we've entered a new era. It doesn't mean we'll win overnight, but it means we've turned the tide." Though much work remains in the efforts to win marriage equality nationwide, many are busy organizing, volunteering and raising money to help win and defend their right to marry. [Link]

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Conservative Family Opens Their Door to Same-Sex Family, Victims of Katrina

Time Magazine
September 19, 2005
Conservative Forrest King was told by the American Red Cross and FEMA that the best way to help Hurricane Katrina victims is to donate money rather than opening one's doors to possible murderers, smokers, etc. Nonetheless, after witnessing the suffering of victims, his family has decided to welcome into their home the Meehan-Hoo family, a lesbian couple with three children, ages 5, 7 and 9. "The adults are same-sex, and I don't care," he says. "They're Americans first." [Link]

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