Australian PM urged to grant gay couples the protections and responsibilities of marriage

July 4, 2007

Evan Wolfson said: "Like many people around the world, in places as diverse as Canada and Colombia, Western Europe and South Africa, and even states in the USA, fair-minded Australians are taking a fresh look at how the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage hurts families and helps no one. The politicians are lagging behind the people in the recognition that fundamental freedom and basic fairness are undermined when couples who have made a commitment in life are denied the equal commitment under the law. That commitment is called marriage."

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KY lawmakers to consider partner benefits ban in special session
July 3, 2007
Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher is calling for a special session of the legislature and said Tuesday he wants it to consider a new attempt to ban domestic partner insurance at state run colleges and public agencies. [Link]

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OPINION: Domestic partnerships aren’t marriages

Sacramento Bee
July 1, 2007
As a same-sex couple, we cannot marry in California, and if we married elsewhere, California would refuse to recognize that marriage. Instead, we have that better-than-nothing, twilight-zone status conferred by California's domestic partner legislation. This legislation gives us many of the same rights and benefits as married couples, but the two statuses have different procedural protections, social meanings and legal effects. [Link]

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Elizabeth Edwards’ Pride appearance dubbed historic

New York Blade
June 29, 2007

Evan Wolfson said Edwards broke new ground in terms of a candidate's spouse coming out comfortably, publicly and deliberately in favor of marriage equality. Then again, he said, it could be a way for a candidate to have the best of both worlds. "It could be a way for candidates to let their spouses signal to the world and say, 'I may not be where you are, but you can take comfort in knowing I'm surrounded by people who are.'"

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Poll shows GOP voters trending positive on some gay issues

The Advocate
June 28, 2007
When asked, "What issue do you think best defines the Republican Party today?" only 5% said, "traditional marriage/family values"; 85% selected issues like the war on terrorism, immigration, homeland security, national defense, taxes, and the economy. [Link]

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OPINION: Religion and the law

New York Times
June 28, 2007
Andrew Weiss concisely illustrates a NY legislator's mistake of relying solely on his 'religious beliefs,' rather than his understanding of the Constitution, to vote against ending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage. [Link]

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Rep. Christine Canavan on the MA marriage vote

EDGE Boston
June 28, 2007
In an interview with Bay Windows on June 20 Canavan, who serves as Second Division Chair in the House, spoke for the first time since last week's ConCon about how, after three years of voting the way she believed the majority of her district wanted her to, she decided to follow her conscience. [Link]

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DP benefits uncertain in WI budget vote

The Bay Area Reporter
June 28, 2007
An 8-8 vote on whether to pay for domestic partnership benefits for state employees set the stage in the Wisconsin legislature for a showdown divided strictly along party lines, with Democratic Governor Jim Doyle looking like the sole chance for the measure to survive the 2007-2008 budget negotiations.[link]

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VIDEO: Edwards on the Leno couch: Wife’s support for marriage equality was a surprise to him

June 26, 2007

CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer looks to Evan Wolfson to give the Edwards' disagreement some context — and included footage of the couple's couch chat with Leno. Thanks in part to Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, national attention on where the presidential candidates stand on marriage isn't going away anytime soon.

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Gay People Find a Struggle Bringing Partners Into U.S.

The Seattle Times
June 25, 2007

After a trip 14 years ago to Thailand, where he met the man he would eventually marry, Bruce MacDonald began searching for a way — any way — for them to be together. So seven years ago, he relocated to Canada, which granted visas to both men, and they settled in Vancouver's west end. "I was forced to leave my country but by great good fortune I got to a better place," MacDonald said. "I see myself as a Canadian now." [Link]

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