EDITORIAL: VA Court of Appeals does the right thing for common sense and custody laws

Washington Post
November 30, 2006
For more than two years, Janet Miller-Jenkins has been blocked from seeing her 4-year-old daughter because of a nasty custody dispute with her ex-spouse, who has been defying a court order to allow regular visits. This week, the Virginia Court of Appeals issued an opinion that should be utterly unremarkable: It held that under federal law, Virginia courts must honor the custody orders of their sister courts in Vermont, where Ms. Miller-Jenkins and her ex were joined and where they asked a court to dissolve their union. [link]

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Gay millionaires and allies poured unprecedented sums into the 2006 election — and it worked
November 29, 2006
Rep. Sue Kelly, N.Y.-19 , voted to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment. "When she made that vote," explained Adam Rose, who wrote a $500,000 check to Majority Action for the express purpose of unseating Sue Kelly in the November election, "I took a look at the political environment, and I said there's nothing I can do about who's president. There's nothing I can do about the fact that Republicans control both houses [of Congress]. However, here is one thing I can have an impact on." Rose's half-million meant that the once-safe incumbent was toppled in a race decided by fewer than 5,000 votes. [link]

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Knoxville News Sentinel
October 24, 2006
Somewhere along the line, conservatives began to equate religious belief with political doctrine. And the next thing you know, the very crowd that used to decry governmental meddling now encourages governmental meddling. Proving that, just like the weather, nothing stays the same in politics. [link]

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Another tactic in fighting discriminatory marriage initiatives

Washington Post
November 20, 2006
The campaign against the Arizona measure, Proposition 107, avoided almost any mention of gay and lesbian couples, except in small liberal pockets of the state. Instead, the message was about the section of the measure that would have banned government agencies from recognizing civil unions or domestic partnerships. That apparently struck home in the state's sizable senior-citizen enclaves, where many older couples do not marry because their retirement income would be affected. [Link]

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OPINION: Anti-marriage stance loses religion’s credibility

USA Today
November 19, 2006
Religion's only real commodity, after all, is its moral authority. Lose that, and we lose our credibility. Lose credibility, and we might as well close up shop. It's happened to Christianity before, most famously when we dug in our heels over Galileo's challenge to the biblical view that the Earth, rather than the sun, was at the center of our solar system. This time, Christianity is in danger of squandering its moral authority by continuing its pattern of discrimination against gay and lesbian people. [Link]

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OPINION: In CO, Referendum I failed on an emotional level

Denver Post
November 19, 2006
While some may be afraid of appearing manipulative, the truth is we humans enjoy emotions. And the emotions on the pro-Referendum I side are no less powerful, real or honest than those expressed by the opposition. We all, on both sides, feel the same emotions — love of family, respect for traditions, and a shared hope for the future. Gay men and women are not asking to be outside Colorado's values. They are asking to be a part of them. [Link]

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Election 2006 exit polls in AZ show demographics of vote

November 17, 2006
Election polls in AZ show who voted for Prop 107 and who voted against it. [Link]

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Top court must decide if unwed couples can be treated as spouses in domestic-violence cases

Middletown Journal
October 15, 2006
Two years ago, Democratic and Republican leaders urged Ohio voters to reject a discriminatory constitutional amendment. This year in December, the OH Supreme Court will hear State v. Carswell, a case that argues the state's 27-year-old domestic-violence law conflicts with the new marriage ban. [link]

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Marriage: Scripture vs. morality

The University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog
November 14, 2006
Our nation's greatest achievement has been its ability to recognize and overcome deeply entrenched racial, religious, gender, and ethnic discrimination. We will achieve this as well in the realm of sexual orientation. But some of us grow impatient. [Link]

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Marriage amendment stirs apolitical folks into activists

The Virginian-Pilot
November 13, 2006
Leaders claim the recent election only strengthened their movement: Statewide, the anti-amendment campaign identified more than 3,000 volunteers and gay-friendly voters to call upon in future legislative battles, said Dyana Mason, executive director of Equality Virginia. [link]

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