Michigan Dems: Repeal Proposal 2

September 7, 2006
Saying that Proposal 2 "adds discrimination to our State Constitution," the party has called for its repeal. In addition, as it did in 2004, the party's platform calls for a number of other progressive actions, including recognizing the adoption rights of same-sex couples. [Link]

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Marriage foe defeated in Florida Republican gubernatorial primary

The Advocate
September 6, 2006
State CFO Tom Gallagher was soundly defeated in his race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination after positioning himself almost exactly the same as President Bush. Gallagher's abandonment of his previously more moderate stances on social issues for far-right positions — including opposing the freedom to marry and equal adoption rights for lesbian and gay couples — was seen as instrumental to his loss. [Link]

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Adults’ Sexual Orientation and State Determinations Regarding Placement of Children

Family Law Quarterly
Fall 2006

Michael Wald writes in unequivocal support for gay and lesbian parents and a systematic rejection of the principal arguments made against them. [Link]

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Charles Barkley runs for Gov, supports marriage equality
August 31, 2006
Charles Barkley was his usual outspoken self during a television interview in which he said, among other things, that he advocates marriage equality. [Link]

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PRESS RELEASE: Anti-gay group attacks domestic violence law in court

People for the American Way
August 29, 2006

An ultraconservative group argue a that Ohio's domestic violence law—which covers all couples, married or not—can't be applied to unmarried heterosexual couples because of the state's new constitutional provision prohibiting the recognition of the marriages of same-sex couples and prohibiting the recognition of "a legal status" for any unmarried couples "that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance or effect of marriage." [link]

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OPINION: Please reject Proposition 107 and make a stand for all families

Arizona Daily Star
August 28, 2006
A doctor writes in agreement with the Pima County Pediatric Society, the Arizona Public Health Association and the Arizona Psychological Association, who have each passed resolutions against the proposed amendment. [Link]

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Republicans hustle to oppose anti-gay union plan

Tucson Citizen
August 28, 2006
Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, Republican, and Democratic Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon have come out against the "Protect Family" amendment, as has Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Harris. Harris goes so far as to say the mayors have joined his opposition. [Link]

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OPINION: Love, marriage and ... lutefisk?

Winona Daily News
August 20, 2006
If you think same-sex marriages are a corruption of family values, we're a society that allows crack-heads, criminals, and Ozzy Osbourne to marry and have kids. Are a couple of antiquers from San Francisco really more of a threat to children than Britney Spears? [link]

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Asking For What We Deserve

INTERVIEW: Evan Wolfson brings message to Seattle, to speak at ERW fundraiser
Seattle Gay News
August 18, 2006

We are not asking for too much. We are asking for what we deserve and the more we make the case the more people are coming to understand that. The set backs are a predictable and inescapable feature of struggle. ... It's just unrealistic to think that we can ask America to change the way it has imposed second class citizenship on Gay people and their loved ones without having defeat as well as victories. Unfortunately, we have to live through both but - if we battle through both - we will bring ourselves to a full triumph.


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Illinois officials vote to keep anti-gay ban off November ballot
August 14, 2006
The Illinois Board of Election on Friday upheld a decision not to allow a proposed referendum on marriage for gay and lesbian couples on the ballot in Illinois because the conservative group behind the initiative did not collect enough valid signatures. [Link]

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