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Vermont House Judiciary Comittee passes marriage equality bill; House vote this week

Vermont Freedom to Marry
March 31, 2009

Vermont Freedom to Marry just posted the news on their blog:

We're one step closer! We need YOU to help us press on. Fairness and equality are within our reach. We MUST do the hard work to keep reaching out to our elected leaders to get the job done. We can't expect our elected Representatives to advocate for us if they don't see us advocating for ourselves! Spend the day at the Statehouse on Thursday, April 2 (get there by 9 a.m. - read more below).

The House Judiciary Committee voted S.115 out of committee today with a 8-2 vote! The committee made minor amendments to strengthen protections for religious freedom, and to make it clear that the laws only regulate civil marriage. The committee worked hard, listening to lots of testimony on a range of topics from diverse witnesses. Please thank the House Judiciary Committee members who supported this bill. (You can leave a message with the Sgt-at-Arms, 802-828-2228).

The full House is scheduled to hold its first vote on Thursday. The House will be taking up the budget bill first, and it is impossible to predict how long the discussion will take. It could take the better part of the day, or it could move along quickly. In either event, you can be sure that the chamber will fill up quickly. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE HAVE A VISIBLE PRESENCE IN THE ROOM. Plan to spend the day at the Statehouse, and come early in order to claim seats in the chamber.

Please understand that we may have to hold our seats for many hours and watch the budget debate before the marriage bill debate begins. Bring a book. Bring a sandwich. BUT PLEASE MAKE THE TIME TO BE THERE.


In the meantime, please help us make a better future for Vermont by volunteering to phone bank, reaching out to your legislators, and donating money.

Learn more at Vermont Freedom to Marry

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Will the California Supreme Court Strike Down Prop 8, or “Willy-Nilly Disregard” Its Duty?

Huffington Post
March 31, 2009

In a message to the California Supreme Court, now weighing a set of challenges to Prop 8, Evan Wolfson cautions the Court against a ruling that would not only go against "the bedrock principle of American constitutional government," but would also minimize its historic 2008 decision in Marriage Cases, which set forth such truths as "the fundamental nature of the freedom to marry [and], the way in which exclusion from marriage itself denies equality and imposes the stigma of second-class citizenship." (Link)

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Phone Bankers and Canvassers Needed in Vermont

Following the Vermont Senate’s vote to support a bill to end the exclusion of gay couples from marriage last week, Vermont’s Gov. Douglas said he would veto the civil rights bill. But with the right work we can make that threat irrelevant!

Vermont Freedom to Marry is urging anyone who supports equality for all families to take action now, wherever you are, to tell the Vermont legislature to continue its leadership. Hearings are being held on the bill currently in the House Judiciary Committee, and the House is expected to take action soon!

Canvassers & phone bankers needed NOW - work in Vermont Freedom to Marry’s Burlington office or work from home.
• Call & email Vermont Reps
• Call and email the Governor - 800-649-6825
• Call and email the House Judiciary Committee

Check out Vermont Freedom to Marry’s video page to view what’s been going on in the legislature over the last few weeks, and get involved today!

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Vermont Freedom to Marry Releases New Ad

Vermont Freedom to Marry
March 27, 2009

Vermont Freedom to Marry released their new ad entitled, "Neighbors," in response to Gov. Douglas' announcement that he will veto the Vermont marriage bill S.115. (Link)

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Most of the Seventh Grade Will Be at the Commitment Ceremony

New York Times
March 23, 2009

In Harlem a week ago, a 32-year-old math teacher handed out slips of paper inviting the entire seventh grade of Columbia Secondary School to his upcoming ceremony, where, the names on the invitation made clear, he’d be celebrating his commitment to another man. The teacher, Chance Nalley, rarely wastes an instructional opportunity but said that, in this particular instance, he wasn’t trying to make an educational statement. “They kept asking if they were invited,” he said of his students at Columbia, a selective public school that specializes in math, science and engineering.

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Senator Schumer Comes Out For Marriage Equality

Daily News
March 23, 2009

At a private risotto dinner last night with gay leaders and elected officials at Gramercy Tavern last night, Sen. Chuck Schumer reversed himself on the issue of marriage for gay couples, saying he not only now supports it but also backs a full reversal of the Defense of Marriage Act. (Link)

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LIVE: Vermont Senate vote on marriage bill

Burlington Free Press is hosting a live feed to the Vermont Senate who is soon debating a bill to end the exclusion of gay couples from marriage. A vote of the full Senate is expected today. (Link)

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Vermont Marriage Equality Bill Unanimously Passes Senate Committee

Vermont Freedom to Marry
March 19, 2009

Vermont Freedom to Marry just announced the committee passage on their site:

"Senate Judiciary Committee Approves S.115 5-0! Calls Needed!

A unanimous Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to support S.115. The Committee approved minor edits to the bill, and rejected a proposed amendment for a statewide non-binding referendum by a 4-1 margin. When Senator Sears called the question, each Senator in turn voted to support the bill. The full Senate is expected to debate and vote on the bill Monday at 3:00 p.m. We urge you to attend.

We've successfully cleared the first hurdle - and it's time to double-down! This weekend is our last chance to reach out to our Senators - each and every one of them. It's vitally important. Our future, and history, depend on it. Those who oppose our full equality will be extra motivated; we must be, too. Even if you've contacted your Senator before, please do it again. Click here for a list of Senators and their contact information. And if you haven't contacted your Representative for awhile, please do so. This is it!" (Link)

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Californians against hate blog
March 18, 2009

This blog highlights how the Mormon Church has spearheaded the fight against marriage equality, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) has been leading the national crusade against same-sex marriage since President Gordon B. Hinckley issued such a proclamation in 1988." (Link)

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A battle hymn for equality

SeaCoast Online
March 18, 2009

D. Allan Kerr writes about how passing marriage equality in Maine wouldn't change his or his family's life, but that he believes we should all stand up against discrimination. (Link)

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