Buenos Aires couple becomes first to marry under new freedom to marry law

After the approval of a freedom to marry law, Buenos Aires City residents Alejandro Vanelli and Ernesto Larrese got married at a Palermo registry office, officially becoming the first same-sex couple to marry in the City.

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Excluded: a bi-national couple’s struggle to stay together

Lisa Bell’s film “Excluded” shows pursuit of a loving bi-national couple’s pursuit of finding a place where they can build their lives and grow old together. After 17 years the journey goes on…

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The freedom to marry and Argentine politics

Thomas Dollar discusses the political forces in Argentina that led to the new marriage equality law there, thus keeping the number of countries allowing gay marriage slowly but steadily ticking upward.

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A uniquely Indian perspective on marriage equality

Sandip Roy tells of watching two friends, both Indian, get married in a beautiful garden in Santa Cruz.

"One is Christian, the other Hindu, so they had two ceremonies. There was a three-tiered wedding cake and a sacred fire. But the really amazing part of the ceremony was that one of their fathers had flown in from India to bless them. It was amazing because my friends are both men."

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With the legalization of marriage for same-sex couples in Argentina, an unmistakable trend emerges

Terrell Frazier, Research/Writer for Freedom to Marry, discusses how the marriage equality movement has been given a huge momentum boost as Argentina becomes the tenth country to honor marriage for all committed couples and how personal stories of love and commitment played a central role.

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Ireland signs new civil partnership bill into law

The signing into law yesterday of the Civil Partnership Bill was welcomed across the political spectrum and also by groups that have campaigned for legal recognition for same-sex couples in Ireland.

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UK’s top Liberal Democrat: We will allow gay couples to get married

Gay couples will be granted the right to marry, Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes has suggested.

Mr Hughes predicted the change would be in place in time for the next General Election.

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The U.S., Argentina and the freedom to marry

Glenn Greenwald: "It's worthwhile now and then to take stock of the vast disparity between how we [the US] like to think of ourselves and reality."

"When a country with Argentina's history and background becomes but the latest country to legally recognize the freedom to marry -- largely as the result of a population which demanded it -- that disparity becomes quite clear."

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First marriage of a same-sex couple in Argentina set for August 13

Argentina's first marriage under a law passed last week honoring the freedom to marry was set for August 13 between a 61-year-old man and his 60-year-old partner, officials said Friday.

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Free Mexico honeymoon for first same-sex couple married in Argentina

Mexico City has offered a free honeymoon to the first same-sex couple to marry in Argentina under a new law.

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