From a crime to the freedom to marry on high?

It was only as recently as 2007, that homosexuality was still a crime in Nepal, with a prison sentence of up to two years.

Yet fast forward three short years to now, and this tiny Himalayan nation is so different it quite takes your breath away. For it is not only set to become the first in Asia to honor the freedom to marry, it’s also promoting weddings for same-sex couples on Everest in an attempt to become the continent’s top gay tourist destination!

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Our story: A gay couple, torn apart by DOMA

The federal government helps keep binational families together by letting U.S. citizens sponsor non-citizen spouses for a marriage-based “green card,” which gives immigrant spouses permanent resident status. Green card holders aren’t U.S. citizens, but can get a Social Security number, can work, and can get a driver’s license.

As this Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) DOMA story shows, however, the federal government doesn't recognize married same-sex couples - it sees them as strangers. A green card simply isn’t an option for them.

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Iceland preparing to legalize freedom to marry

The tiny island nation of Iceland is preparing to legalize the freedom to marry. The government introduced its gender-neutral marriage bill on March 23.

The bill has the backing of Prime Minister Johanna Siguroardottir, the world's first openly lesbian politician to be elected to helm a country.

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Voice for Equality: Anthony LaPaglia

Freedom to Marry salutes Anthony LaPaglia as a Voice for Equality. Mr. LaPaglia is an Australian actor best known for his Golden Globe Award-winning role as FBI agent Jack Malone on the American TV series "Without a Trace", and for his Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Simon Moon on the TV show "Frasier".

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Portugal’s Constitutional Court OKs the freedom to marry

Portugal's Constitutional Court has OK'd a freedom to marry bill approved by lawmakers.

Portugal's Socialist-controlled Parliament, led by Prime Minister Jose Socrates, approved the bill on February 11. The president still has the option of vetoing the legislation, but Socrates has said he is prepared to overturn the veto.

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88 same-sex couples have married in Mexico City

Mexico City's officials say 88 same-sex couples have gotten married in Mexico's capital since a law legalizing the freedom to marry took effect last month.

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Rufus Wainwright wants to marry his partner

Singer Rufus Wainwright is supporting the fight to legalize the freedom to marry in the U.S. - because he'd love to marry his long-term German partner Jorn Weisbrodt.

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Voice for Equality: Rufus Wainwright

Freedom to Marry salutes Rufus Wainwright as a Voice for Equality. Mr. Wainwright is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter. He has recorded six albums of original music, EPs, and tracks on compilations and film soundtracks, including the soundtrack for the film Moulin Rouge.

On April 2, 2010, it was reported by that Wainwright, out since his teens, supported the legalization of the freedom to marry in the United States.

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Soldier from U.K’s Household Cavalry weds boyfriend

The Household Cavalry is the U.K.’s most elite branch of service. Its members provide security for visiting heads of state, as well as for top-ranking national officials. 23-year-old Lance Corporal James Wharton made military history when he became the first member of the Household Cavalry to marry his same-sex life partner.

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Why Ricky Martin Coming Out Now Matters

In a special guest post on Pop Eater, Jarrett Barrios, the President of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), writes about why Ricky Martin outing himself (partly he said because of his two sons) is important. Barrios discusses Martin's decision and how it's a "game changer."

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