National Center for Lesbian Rights: Why LGBT People Must Demand Immigration Reform

There is a large battle looming in Washington over legislation to reform our nation’s immigration laws. This coming Sunday, March 21, many LGBT immigrants, their families, and allies will march in support of immigration reform. Now is the time for us, as LGBT individuals, families, and communities, to understand why immigration reform is so critical.

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Join the Petition in support of the Freedom to Marry in Italy

On March 23rd, the Italian Constitutional Court will decide whether several articles of the Civil Code (art. 93, 96, 98, 107, 108, 143, 143-bis, and 156-bis) restricting civil marriage to “husband and wife” rather than “spouses” discriminate against same-sex couples, and infringe upon the principles of equality and non-discrimination protected by the Constitution.

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Mexico City hosts Nation’s first Marriages of Same-Sex Couples

The mayor was there. So were the protesters. Judith Vazquez wore an ivory wedding dress. So did her bride.

Vazquez and Lol Kin Castaneda on Thursday became the first same-sex couple to marry in Mexico under a new law that allows gay couples to wed and to adopt children.

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Two Thirds of Danes back Church Weddings for Same-Sex Couples

Nearly two thirds of Danes support a call to allow gay and lesbian couples to be married by the Church, a poll showed Wednesday.

Denmark was the world's first country to allow civil unions for same-sex couples in 1989, but its parliament is now split over a move to amend the law to allow religious weddings too.

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A Freedom to Marry Postcard from Africa

An American student in Cape Town sent this link about her celebration of the freedom to marry being honored in Washington D.C. -- which took place among the LGBTQ community in South Africa.

"It’s Pride Week in the rainbow city of Cape Town! South Africa legalized marriage equality in 2006. Today, March 3, 2010, my nation’s capital voted to legalize the freedom to marry within it’s city’s borders. I dedicate this post to those worldwide who experience sexual oppression, and to those who choose to challenge it."

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Mexico City Freedom to Marry Law takes effect

A law legalizing marriage equality took effect Thursday in Mexico City, one day after the second marriage of a same-sex couple was performed in Argentina.

The Mexican measure also allows gay and lesbian couples to adopt children.

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Judge supports another marriage of a gay couple in Argentina

A judge on Tuesday authorized two men to marry in Buenos Aires in what would be the country's second marriage of a gay couple.

In December, two Argentine men, Alex Freyre and Jose Maria Bello, became the first gay couple to legally marry in heavily Roman Catholic Latin America, after the governor of southernmost Tierra del Fuego province allowed them to wed in the provincial capital, Ushuaia.

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Mexico’s Supreme Court Upholds Freedom to Marry Law

Mexico's Supreme Court on Friday rejected three out of five challenges to Mexico City's freedom to marry law, El Universal reported. The court said the challenges brought by the governors of three states controlled by the conservative PAN Party were “clearly inappropriate.”

The court has yet to review challenges by two additional states – Sonora and Jalisco – and another by the federal government of President Felipe Calderon.

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Video: HuffPo Impact Premiere: A New Documentary from Immigration Equality

Steve Ralls, Director of Communications for Immigration Equality, tells the story of Shirley Tan, a mother of two, originally from The Philippines, who answered a knock on her door at 7am in January 2009. She was getting her 12-year-old twin sons ready for school, and preparing to see her partner of 23 years, Jay Mercado, off to work. When Shirley answered, ICE agents produced an order of deportation, which Shirley had never seen before, then handcuffed her and threw her into a waiting van.

"The lack of recognition for lesbian and gay couples under immigration law is, literally, ripping loving families apart," said Rachel B. Tiven, Immigration Equality's executive director. "For every day that passes without action from Congress, another family faces separation and another child is put in jeopardy of losing a parent." Beginning today, house parties across the country will screen the group's new documentary, which is premiering exclusively on HuffingtonPost Impact. You can make an impact in the lives of Shirley, Jay and their sons - and tens of thousands of other families like theirs - by watching the video, passing it along and visiting to learn more.

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Portuguese parliament passes freedom to marry bill

Portuguese lawmakers passed legislation Thursday that would enact marriage equality in the country. The bill goes to President Anibal Cavaco Silva for final approval.

If the bill is ratified, Portugal will count among half a dozen European countries allowing gay marriage, including Belgium, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Norway.

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