Gay couple refused right to marry in UK as royal engagement announced

As news of a royal engagement was announced this morning (16 November), a gay couple from the UK was refused permission to marry at Northampton Register Office.

They declined the option of a civil partnership, insisting that marriage should be open to all.

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Finnish state church creates a ‘prayer moment’ for marriages of same-sex couples

After years of debate, Finland's state church took a step towards accepting gay relationships with an announcement Friday it would create a "prayer moment" for registered partnerships.

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Poll: 53% of Australians support the freedom to marry

A poll has revealed that a majority of Australians supports marriage for same-sex couples.

Fifty-three per cent of people said they see no reason why unions of same-sex couples should not be legal, according to tomorrow’s Essential Report.

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Mexico House votes for benefits for same-sex couples

Mexico's House of Representatives has voted to amend social security rules to include medical and social benefits for same-sex couples.

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Video: Ricky Martin on the freedom to marry in the U.S.

Ricky Martin appeared on Larry King last night and asked, "Why do I have to go somewhere else?... Why can't I get married in my own country?"

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Gay Brazilian married in US may face deportation

A Brazilian man who was recently reunited with his Massachusetts husband when federal officials temporarily allowed him into the U.S. said he could face deportation because the attorney general won't reverse the immigration ruling that initially separated the couple.

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An American marriage

Passage of the Uniting American Families Act would be a chance for the U.S. to show the world the freedoms that exist here.

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Argentine gays proud of 500 marriages of same-sex couples

Thousands marched in Argentina's Gay Pride parade on Saturday, celebrating the country's status as the first in Latin America to legalize the freedom to marry and vowing to campaign for new rights for transgender people.

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Lesbian couple in direct challenge to UK marriage law

A lesbian couple will apply for a civil marriage license tomorrow in a direct challenge to the UK's legal ban on the freedom to marry.

If their application is refused, the couple plans to take legal action in the courts to strike down the prohibition on marriage equality.

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Uniting American Love

Prospects for reforming immigration law to allow foreign same-sex spouses to stay in the US on the same terms as those from different-sex couples are uncertain — irretrievably enmeshed in the broader, culturally explosive debate.

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