Hawaii democrats hope to regain governorship

After a bitter campaign marked by mudslinging and contentious divisions over race, religion and gay rights, two longtime political rivals in Hawaii meet in a primary Saturday to decide which Democrat will try to recapture the governor's seat from Republican hands after eight years.

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Like ‘Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys’ on Facebook

For every new fan to the "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys" Facebook page between 9/13/10 and 9/20/10, Sundance Channel will donate 25¢ to Freedom to Marry.

To participate, simply go to http://www.facebook.com/gwlbwlb and click "like", or text "Like GWLBWLB" to 32665.

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Immigration overhaul could leave gay couples out

Though five states and D.C. issue marriage licenses to gay couples, a large number of the 24,000 so-called binational couples in long-term relationships live in states that do not allow or recognize gay marriage, and federal immigration laws do not allow sponsorship of foreign-born spouses for same-sex couples as they do for heterosexual U.S. citizens.

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Divided by Law: An American Takes On Immigration to Reunite with the Person He Loves

Steve Ralls discusses the terrible ordeal faced by Roi Whaley and Aurelio Tolentino: "Roi is now battling terminal cancer. He wants nothing more than to have his partner by his side as he wages a life-and-death battle. But, so far, the U.S. government has said 'no.'"

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Shifting attitudes on gay rights extend around globe, experts say

"Often courts will make decisions that are predictors of what public opinion is going to be a few years from now," says Brian Powell, an Indiana University sociology professor.

"Public attitudes don't change really quickly, but this [the freedom to marry] is one that's changing really, really quickly," Powell said.

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Video: NOM’s assault on the family

NOM is conducting a bus tour through the eastern states. Attendance has been sad and pathetic, but they’ve been perfecting their message: We’re just a sweet, kindly group of traditional people, and those hateful, intolerant gays are attacking us. It’s canny public relations.

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Marriage equality, revisited: Two years after Proposition 8, California sees changing opinions

If a vote similar to Proposition 8 upholding a ban on the freedom to marry were held tomorrow, a majority of Californians say they would cast ballots in favor of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, according to a survey released last week.

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1 in 4 Californians have grown more supportive of gay rights, survey finds

One in four Californians have become more supportive of gay rights over the last five years, compared with 8% who said they had become more opposed, according to a survey released Wednesday.

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A uniquely Indian perspective on marriage equality

Sandip Roy tells of watching two friends, both Indian, get married in a beautiful garden in Santa Cruz.

"One is Christian, the other Hindu, so they had two ceremonies. There was a three-tiered wedding cake and a sacred fire. But the really amazing part of the ceremony was that one of their fathers had flown in from India to bless them. It was amazing because my friends are both men."

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51% of California voters support marriage equality, poll finds

Although a majority of California voters say they support the freedom to marry, that endorsement is about the same as it was two years ago when voters told pollsters that they approved of the idea but still voted to ban marriages of same-sex couples.

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