Arizona law bad for gay binational couples

Immigration Equality, one of the nation's top organizations lobbying for rights for LGBT families in the realm of immigration, is condemning Arizona's controversial new law.

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Immigration plan includes LGBT families

An outline of a comprehensive immigration reform package circulating on Capitol Hill includes a provision that would allow U.S. citizens and legal residents to sponsor their same-sex partners for residency.

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Do gay couples give up their U.S. citizenship?

American expatriates are having a more difficult time living and working abroad, a recent "New York Times" article found, causing a small but growing number of them to renounce their United States citizenship.

But there’s another group of Americans who could be adding to that tally: same-sex couples.

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Our story: A gay couple, torn apart by DOMA

The federal government helps keep binational families together by letting U.S. citizens sponsor non-citizen spouses for a marriage-based “green card,” which gives immigrant spouses permanent resident status. Green card holders aren’t U.S. citizens, but can get a Social Security number, can work, and can get a driver’s license.

As this Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) DOMA story shows, however, the federal government doesn't recognize married same-sex couples - it sees them as strangers. A green card simply isn’t an option for them.

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Rufus Wainwright wants to marry his partner

Singer Rufus Wainwright is supporting the fight to legalize the freedom to marry in the U.S. - because he'd love to marry his long-term German partner Jorn Weisbrodt.

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Voice for Equality: Rufus Wainwright

Freedom to Marry salutes Rufus Wainwright as a Voice for Equality. Mr. Wainwright is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter. He has recorded six albums of original music, EPs, and tracks on compilations and film soundtracks, including the soundtrack for the film Moulin Rouge.

On April 2, 2010, it was reported by that Wainwright, out since his teens, supported the legalization of the freedom to marry in the United States.

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Alert: Two DC Area Dialogues on Race, Faith, and Marriage Equality

People of color and people of faith are often charged with blocking lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights. But DC's recent marriage equality victory showed that organizing people of color and people of faith was crucial.

Two panels - one at Georgetown University and another at Howard University - will examine the role race and faith played in securing marriage equality in Washington, D.C.

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National Center for Lesbian Rights: Why LGBT People Must Demand Immigration Reform

There is a large battle looming in Washington over legislation to reform our nation’s immigration laws. This coming Sunday, March 21, many LGBT immigrants, their families, and allies will march in support of immigration reform. Now is the time for us, as LGBT individuals, families, and communities, to understand why immigration reform is so critical.

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Amsterdam sends a marriage equality message to America

August 3, 2009
Sunday afternoon aboard a boat sailing the canals of Amsterdam, Mayor Job Cohen performed five marriages in a row, each between a Dutch and an American citizen. The nuptials were timed to celebrate the 400-year-long cultural connection between Old Amsterdam and Nieuw Amsterdam (New York). [Link]

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HRC criticizes Obama over DOMA brief

Washington Blade
June 15, 2009
The Human Rights Campaign took President Obama to task following the release of a controversial Justice Department brief last week that defended the Defense of Marriage Act. In a letter sent to Obama on Monday, HRC President Joe Solmonese contests certain arguments made in the brief and urges the president to move to repeal DOMA, which prevents federal recognition of same-sex unions:

When a woman must choose between her job and caring for her spouse because they are not covered by the [Family Medical Leave Act], DOMA is not 'netural.' DOMA is not a 'neutral' policy to the thousands of bi-national same-sex couples who have to choose between family and country because they are considered strangers under our immigration laws. It is not a 'neutral' policy toward the minor child of a same-sex couple, who is denied thousands of dollars of surviving mother's or father's benefits because his parents are not 'spouses' under Social Security law. Exclusion is not neutrality. If we are equals, if you recognize that our families live the same, love the same, and contribute as much as yours, then ... we call on you to put your principles into action and send legislation repealing DOMA to Congress.


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