U.S. law sends some bi-national, same-sex couples into exile

Independent Weekly
September 17, 2008
Like thousands of other gay and lesbian couples in this country, and countless more abroad, they were caught in a little-known intersection of two controversial public policy issues: gay rights and immigration. (Link)

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Should You Believe in Obama?

September 9, 2008
His promises to gay people -- full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, a reversal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” immigration rights for same-sex couples, a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and passage of the Matthew Shepard Act, which adds sexual orientation and gender identity to federal hate-crimes laws -- go further than any presidential nominee in history. [Link]

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Love in exile: One year later, Brazilian spouse still blocked from returning

Bay Windows
August 13, 2008
While immigration law allows spouses of American citizens to obtain legal permanent residency, under DOMA Coco and Oliveira are not considered spouses. The couple is considering filing a legal challenge to overturn DOMA in federal court, but Coco told the crowd at the vigil that he and Oliveira have become activists by necessity, not by choice. [Link]

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Marriage Equality in California: until deportation do us part?

Washington Post
July 2, 2008
A profile of a binational couple with a child who will not be protected from deportation by getting married in California since immigration status is a federal issue. (Link)

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Immigration Not an Option for all Couples

OC Register
April 14, 2008

Binational same-sex couples seek ways to stay together, even though their unions are not recognized under federal immigration law. [Link]

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MA Man Can’t Get Passport Under Married Name

The Sun Chronicle
March 21, 2008
The U.S. State Department denied a passport to an international AIDS counselor using his new married name because the department refuses to recognize his marriage to a man in Massachusetts. [Link]

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A Very Surreal Victory, Tempered By Two Things…

Pam’s House Blend
February 2, 2008

Well, what a great notice that came through on my listserv last night! New York Appellate Court rules that out out of state marriages must be recognized! Woo HOO! Yay for all NY couples who married in Massachusetts, or Canada - and yay for ME ! I got married in Canada last September! And we live in New York! But...wait a minute. My partner is here on a temporary visa. [Link]

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Gay Couples Left in a Legal Limbo

The Sacramento Bee
October 21, 2007

With the broadening view of human rights around the globe and acceptance of gay relationships, 19 countries now permit citizens or legal residents to sponsor same-sex permanent partners for legal residency. The United States is not among them. [Link]

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OPINON: Reunite This Family

The Boston Globe
August 27, 2007

Because Congress passed — and former President Clinton signed — the mean-spirited Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, no federal rights extend to gay and lesbian couples. The ability of a US citizen to sponsor a husband or wife for immigration to the United States, called a form I-130, is just one of them. "Same-sex couples are utterly shut out of that process," says Mary Bonauto, the lawyer who argued the Goodridge case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that led to legalized gay marriages in the state. [Link]

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Gay People Find a Struggle Bringing Partners Into U.S.

The Seattle Times
June 25, 2007

After a trip 14 years ago to Thailand, where he met the man he would eventually marry, Bruce MacDonald began searching for a way — any way — for them to be together. So seven years ago, he relocated to Canada, which granted visas to both men, and they settled in Vancouver's west end. "I was forced to leave my country but by great good fortune I got to a better place," MacDonald said. "I see myself as a Canadian now." [Link]

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