NBC changes rules to allow same-sex couples to apply for ‘Today’ ceremonies

After a meeting with gay and lesbian activists on Thursday, NBC's "Today" show said it is changing the rules for its annual wedding contest to allow same-sex couples to apply for a ceremony conducted on morning TV.

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Sending a loud, clear message in Hawaii

Members of a coalition of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender groups delivered to Gov. Linda Lingle's office yesterday an Equality Hawaii 2009 poll favorable to the civil unions movement, as well as an estimated 7,500 letters, postcards and petition signatures.

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Google adds pay to cover tax on health benefits for same-sex couples

On Thursday, Google began covering a cost that gay and lesbian employees must pay when their partners receive domestic partner health benefits, largely to compensate them for an extra tax that heterosexual married couples do not pay. The increase is retroactive to the beginning of the year.

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NY Lawmakers Back Bereavement Leave for Gays

The New York state Senate passed a bill on Monday that would extend funeral and bereavement protections to lesbian and gay couples in the state.

The bill, which passed the state Assembly earlier this month, goes to Gov. David Paterson for consideration.

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Gay couples caught in financial limbo

Nicole C. Brambila writes about lesbian and gay couples who face financial trouble in part because their relationships are not legally recognized.

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Study: Freedom to marry bans lead to lack of health insurance

“Partnered lesbians and gay men are more than twice as likely to be uninsured as married heterosexuals,” according to a new study of Californians by Lambda Legal and the Department of Health Services at UCLA.

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Why the roundtable quieted its civil unions storm

Chad Blair tells the story of a longtime customer threatening to boycott Foodland Super Market because of its membership in Hawaii Roundtable which recently sent a letter to Gov. Lingle asking her to veto the new same-sex civil union bill she's now considering.

On Wednesday, Hawaii Roundtable sent Lingle another letter, this time backing away from any appearance of opposition to civil unions.

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Prop. 8 backers target existing 18,000 marriages of same-sex couples in California

As the trial over California's prohibition on the freedom to marry enters its final stage today, the ban's sponsors are urging the judge to go a step further and revoke state recognition of the existing marriages of 18,000 gay and lesbian couples who wed before voters passed Proposition 8.

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Online competition begins for all-expense paid same sex wedding

In honor of the passage of the DC Marriage Equality Act, a group of prominent Washington-area wedding vendors have teamed up to offer a same sex couple the wedding of a lifetime, valued at over $100,000.

The first of its kind – Freedom2Wed – is an online wedding competition for same sex couples.

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Presidential proclamation on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride month

As released in a presidential proclamation on Friday by President Obama: "...we must give committed gay couples the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple, and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act."

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