God spoke via MA court

Washington Blade
February 29, 2008
The 2003 ruling on marriage equality was a turning point for me in learning to accept my lesbian daughter. [Link]

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3 Gay Couples Settle in as Parents

The Journal News
February 24, 2008
Outside the three households, an American culture war rages over the rights of gay men and women to raise children. Inside, these three have been raising theirs for as long as a decade…Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said the ruling [in NY to recognize out of state marriages by same-sex couples] will mean more to the children of gay couples than how the bills get paid. "Beyond the tangible legal consequences, there's the intangible security that matters a lot to kids," Wolfson said. "Children whose parents are married have a legal relationship to both parents and are given a strong, clear confirmation from society that they and their parents form a family and that family is worthy of respect." [Link]

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Oregon’s Domestic Partnership Law Runs into Murky Waters

Portland Mercury
February 21, 2008
When Sally Sparks and her partner, Heather Dugas, registered as domestic partners at the Multnomah County Building the day the new state law took effect on February 4, Sparks was overdue with their second child...The law took effect in time for their son's birth, but the women still ran into red tape. Instead of noting Dugas' name on the birth certificate forms—which had not changed to reflect the new law, and only had spaces for a mother and father—a clerk at Providence St. Vincent Family Maternity Center handed her a separate form. Marked "For informational purposes only. This is not a legal document," the form has spaces for info on the child, mother, and partner. [link]

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WA State House Passes DP Bill

February 15, 2008
"It is indeed symbolic that this vote comes as the 11th annual National Freedom to Marry Week comes to a close," Equal Rights Washington's Connie Watts said in a statement. "Equal Rights Washington and the prime sponsors of the Domestic Partnership Expansion Bill have been clear and unequivocal in stating that we are seeking full marriage equality for families formed by gay and lesbian couples." [link]

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Israel Grants Full Adoption for Gay Couples

The Advocate
February 13, 2008
Gay and lesbian couples in Israel will be allowed the same adoption rights as heterosexual couples, the Israeli government announced Tuesday. [Link]

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It’s Not a Mortal Sin to Work for Justice

Pioneer Press
January 30, 2008

My husband and I have been married 49 years. We are the parents of five grown daughters, one of whom is a lesbian. I speak with passion concerning our experience, which is marked by intense sadness because of the alienation my daughter and others like her continue to suffer, especially at the hands of the Catholic Church. [Link]

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Drive kicks off to ban foster care by partners

Arkansas Democrat Gazette
January 25, 2008
The Arkansas Family Council is launching a petition drive in hopes of passing a law that would ban gay and unmarried couples from adopting or becoming foster parents. A coalition of doctors, ministers, children’s advocates and others officially organized to campaign against the proposal. [Link]

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Europe: Gay Adoption Ruling Advances Family Equality

Human Rights Watch
January 24, 2008

In a ruling that could have far-reaching consequences the European Court of Human Rights said Tuesday that the exclusion of individuals to adopt children simply because of their sexual orientation is discriminatory and in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights. [Link]

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Gay Families Seek Lifting of Adoption Restrictions

Salt Lake Tribune
January 18, 2008

The community is gearing up for a new political fight in the 2008 legislative session, which begins Monday. The goal: to get adoption restrictions on cohabitating couples, including same-sex couples, lifted. [Link]

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Marriage equality is ‘coming closer’ in Israel

The Jewish Chronicle
January 18, 2008
In what is being heralded as a “first step towards civil marriage” in Israel, same-sex and mixed-faith couples are being offered partnership cards. [Link]

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