A GA family’s heartache

Southern Voice Online
May 21, 2007
In a January ruling Judge John Lee Parrott argued that the state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages also prohibited same-sex couples from adopting children, and accused Hadaway of attempting to "sham" the court by applying as a single person when she was involved in a seven-year relationship with a woman. Hadaway tried to return the child to the biological mother, who again gave her parental rights to Hadaway. Hadaway, who had ended her seven-year relationship and moved to Bibb County, then attempted to pursue adoption in that county. But when Parrott learned that Emma Rose was still living with Hadaway, he had the child placed in foster care. After Bibb County Superior Court Judge Tilman Self granted Hadaway custody in March, Parrott refused to recognize Self's ruling and ordered the young girl to remain with her DFCS foster family, despite a DFCS social worker calling that "the worst possible scenario" for the young girl. [Link]

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Connecticut’s Ban on Gay Marriages Doesn’t Stop Families From Forming

New London Day (Reprinted by Love Makes A Family)
May 13, 2007

When 4-year-old Kailey wanted to see a picture of the "pretty dress" her mother wore when she got married, Eileen Ego and Corrine Frost knew it was time to have a talk with their daughter. Kailey's two moms, who have been together for 15 years, worried about explaining to their daughter why her parents are not married. [Link]

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DC fourth grader inspires his moms with touching tribute

Washington Blade
May 10, 2006
A fourth grade student at Francis Scott Key Elementary in Northwest D.C., wrote an essay taking a stand for marriage equality and families. [Link]

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Families prepare for White House egg roll

April 3, 2007
More than one hundred gay and lesbian families have signed up to take part in this year's annual White House Easter Egg Roll — twice the number that had signed on this time last year. [Link]

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Number of ‘out’ gay and lesbian couples increasing

The Daily Reveille
March 7, 2007

Evan Wolfson says communities in the United States would be stronger if people supported all families including the ones with LGBT citizens. "The conversation about how gay people are being unfairly treated has gotten much greater in the years, and people have understood how important it is to reach out to their neighbors and say, 'We're here, we're part of this community, and we want fair treatment for our families,'" he said.

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BLOG: Freedom to Marry vs. Justification to Discriminate

Good As You
February 8, 2007

Earlier this week, we told you about an initiative in Washington that would turn the common argument that "marriage is about children" on its head, by requiring that heterosexual couples DO procreate in order to keep their marriage intact. Well, here's more on the conversation-starting proposal from Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson, and more attempts to justify discrimination from the Family Research Council's Charmaine Yoest. [Link]

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OPINION: For love or country?

February 5, 2007
An Idaho mother writes about her son, "In a matter of years Cameron will be gone. He is moving to a country where he will have the same civil rights that heterosexual couples enjoy, a country that will benefit from his immense talent and skill, a country that does want him no matter whom he wants to marry. We are close, and we will find a way to stay close, but it will not be the same easy back and forth we have now. Distance and borders will make it harder. I will miss him terribly, but it is not just me who will suffer. We will all be the poorer for his moving and the reasons that drove him." [Link]

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OPINION: Left out of the dream

The Register-Guard
January 21, 2007
"He passed away a few months later. The following day, I got a phone call regarding his cremation. 'We can't allow you to authorize it,' the person at the funeral home informed me. 'You're not officially family.' So on one of the worst days of my life, I drove across town to his mother, who signed the paper that nine years of love and devotion didn't entitle me to sign." [link]

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Actress Kate Fleming’s death underscores why marriage matters

Washington Blade
January 19, 2007
If she and Charlene Strong, were wed in a commitment ceremony nearly nine years ago had been legal spouses, the decisions that came next would have been made quickly, albeit painfully. But Strong was initially denied the right to visit Fleming in the hospital as she lay dying. When asked what relationship she had to Fleming, Strong told the truth, unwilling to lie and say they were sisters. [link]

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EDITORIAL: VA Court of Appeals does the right thing for common sense and custody laws

Washington Post
November 30, 2006
For more than two years, Janet Miller-Jenkins has been blocked from seeing her 4-year-old daughter because of a nasty custody dispute with her ex-spouse, who has been defying a court order to allow regular visits. This week, the Virginia Court of Appeals issued an opinion that should be utterly unremarkable: It held that under federal law, Virginia courts must honor the custody orders of their sister courts in Vermont, where Ms. Miller-Jenkins and her ex were joined and where they asked a court to dissolve their union. [link]

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