Marriage discrimination challenge set for hearing

Denver Post
February 12, 2008
The first legal challenge to Colorado’s anti-marriage constitutional amendment goes to court Wednesday, with the goal of unraveling Amendment 43, which voters passed in 2006. The main legal case is misdemeanor trespassing: Catherine Burns and Sheila Schroeder, a lesbian couple from Englewood, went to the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office on Sept. 24 to get a marriage license. [Link]

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OPINION: In CO, Referendum I failed on an emotional level

Denver Post
November 19, 2006
While some may be afraid of appearing manipulative, the truth is we humans enjoy emotions. And the emotions on the pro-Referendum I side are no less powerful, real or honest than those expressed by the opposition. We all, on both sides, feel the same emotions — love of family, respect for traditions, and a shared hope for the future. Gay men and women are not asking to be outside Colorado's values. They are asking to be a part of them. [Link]

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Gay and lesbian couples optimistic for vote

Denver Post
October 16, 2006
Referendum I would eliminate complex and pricey steps to obtain medical and property rights, and would right wrongs in CO law in several ways, particularly in what some lawyers call "default rules" that determine basic property and decision-making rights. [Link]

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Clergy condemn call to constitutionalize discrimination

Rocky Mountain News
September 25, 2006
"I believe homophobia, and not homosexuality, is the sin," said Morran, minister of the First Unitarian Society of Denver. "Marry 'em all; let God sort it out." [Link]

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Public Opinion

Hope in CO, SD, WI
August 11, 2006

"The public is talking about (same-sex parented) families and how denying them the right to marry hurts them, and that continues to move public opinion in our favor"

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Colorado’s gay families: we’re not second-class citizens

Vail Daily
May 16, 2005
Two local couples invite a reporter into their homes and daily lives to show Colorado residents the hardships gay couples must face because they are denied the fundamental right to marriage. Both families hope for more compassionate Colorado. [Link]

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