Marriage battle heats up in Connecticut

February 9, 2007

Wolfson said they specifically chose the February time period to allow organizers to hold events in conjunction with Lincoln's birthday and Valentines Day, "to reflect the ideas of equality and love, which adds up to the freedom to marry." "Of course, every week needs to be freedom to marry week until we have won the freedom to marry. It doesn't stop on Feb. 17," he said. "But, it is another opportunity to have the all important conversations that help people move toward fairness."

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Connecticut’s First Same-Sex Unions Proceed Civilly

Washington Post
October 2, 2005

Lidia Agramonte and Maria Gomez were the first in line at the Hartford City Hall Saturday morning, when Connecticut's civil union law took effect. Connecticut's legislature was the first to create a "civil union" status without a court order to do so, and now provides same-sex couples most of the state-level legal rights as different-sex married couples, though not marriage itself, with all its intangible meaning and importance, or federal and interstate protections and security. Despite the smiles and occasional tears, this was nothing like the hoopla when Vermont began civil unions in 2000, or the midnight ceremonies kicking off Massachusett's marriage celebrations last year. Randy Sharp, third in line with his partner says, "It's bittersweet because we're being treated as second-class citizens. It's not full marriage equality." [Link]

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