The “Horrible” Things That Marriage Equality Will Do

The Atlantic: The Daily Dish
August 20, 2009
Conor Clarke discredits the response by Maggie Gallagher on the National Review Online to Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman's question (which she initially declined to address) asking her to make predictions about "measurable social indicators" that suggest marriage equality will harm society. [Link]

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Going on a jeep tour… as a marriage equality advocate

Freedom to Marry freelance contributor, Andrew Eddins, tells of his experience speaking about marriage equality while on a southwestern jeep tour with a group of strangers.

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A Conservative’s Road to Marriage Equality Advocacy

The New York Times
August 18, 2009
Conservative attorney Ted Olson says his support of the freedom to marry stems from longstanding personal and legal convictions. Mr. Olson has declared that California’s marriage equality ban is “utterly without justification” and stigmatizes gay men and lesbians as “second-class and unworthy.” [Link]

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Corvino: The Right’s immoral take on marriage equality
August 14, 2009

John Corvino writes, "Via a moving account of his cousin Bill’s sudden hospitalization and Bill’s partner Mike’s bedside ordeal, Rauch underscores how the “Not my department” response is not merely lazy; it’s morally unconscionable...In November Maine voters, like California voters last year, will decide whether to repeal marriage equality in that state. Now is a good time to go to and make a financial contribution. (Link)

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A Moral Crossroads For Conservatives

National Journal
August 8, 2009

Jonathan Rauch writes about how the genie that marriage equality opponents still hope to stuff back into the bottle is out for good. Rauch shares a personal story of the struggle a same-sex couple faced trying to take care of each other in the hospital and writes, "If cultural conservatism continues to treat same-sex couples as outside the social covenant, the currents of history will flow right around it." (Link)

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Foe of N.Y. marriage equality probed

The Journal News
June 22, 2009
A national organization headed by an Ossining woman that has pledged to spend more than $1 million to defeat a marriage equality bill in New York is defending itself in California against allegations that it was organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to defeat similar bills nationwide. The National Organization for Marriage said last week that it would spend $500,000 to help mount primary challenges against Republican state senators in New York who vote for the freedom to marry bill proposed by Gov. David Paterson. The California Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating complaints that NOM operates as a front for the Mormon church and that the church failed to report millions of dollars in nonmonetary contributions to the campaign. Critics in that state say the church began the effort by recruiting Maggie Gallagher of Ossining - who has forged a career writing about marriage for conservative think tanks - to establish NOM. [Link]

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Voice for Equality: Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno is a businessman and Republican politician. He was the Temporary President of the New York State Senate and its majority leader.

Bruno, in an interview in June of 2009 about the freedom to marry bill pending in the New York legislature, said, "It's time. Now. For the government to back off, let people make their own life decisions, and about who they care about and who they don't care about...."

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Former NY GOP Senate Leader Joe Bruno Supports Marriage Equality

June 10, 2009

Former NY Republican Senate leader Joe Bruno in a new interview in reference to the freedom to marry bill pending in the New York legislature said, "It's time. Now. For the government to back off, let people make their own life decisions, and about how they care about and who they don't care about...." (Link)

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Drive to stop same sex partnership law is dividing conservatives

Los Angeles Times
June 8, 2009
Conservative groups in Washington State have begun collecting signatures for a ballot referendum to block a new state law that substantially expands rights for domestic partners. When it takes effect in July, the law will expand previous domestic partnership rights to include issues like adoption, child support, pensions and other public-employee benefits. The Rev. Joe Fuiten, founder of Positive Christian Agenda, recently circulated an e-mail asking Christian conservatives to consider the downside of picking this fight when polls show that most Washingtonians favor broad equal rights for domestic partners. [Link]

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Will the Fight Over Marriage Equality Be the End of Right vs. Left Thinking?

Huffington Post
June 2, 2009

Arianna Huffington writes, "Not that long ago, gay marriage was a dependable wedge issue Republicans could use to keep its base in line. But, in the wake of last week's Prop 8 ruling, that wedge is clearly splintering.

All you have to do is look at Dick Cheney who, speaking at the National Press Club today, said, "I think freedom means freedom for everyone." Cheney said he supports gay marriage as long as it's sanctioned at the state level -- a more progressive position than President Obama's current civil-unions-not-marriage stance." (Link)

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