Foes of marriage ban organize in Fort Lauderdale

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
May 12, 2008
People gathered to work against an anti-marriage discriminatory amendment in Florida, where one woman, a 59 year old retired teacher from Miami who is a Republican noted that Amendment 2 strips people of their civil rights and she plans "to sell my Republican friends on the issues I'm talking about." (Link)

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Mich. court condones misleading ballot tactics

The Detroit News
May 12, 2008

Deb Price discusses the misleading tactics used to pass the Michigan anti-marriage amendment which a Michigan court condoned with a ruling that said the amendment also outlawed domestic partner benefits for couples. (Link)

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Opinion: The wrong kind of message

Morning Sun
May 9, 2008

Eric Baerren discusses the misleading campaign of Proposition 2 in Michigan in 2004 which led to the passage of an anti-marriage constitutional amendment that claimed it wouldn’t affect partner benefits, but the Michigan Supreme Court just ruled the amendment indeed outlawed such benefits. (Link)

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MI high court says gay partners can’t get health benefits

Associated Press
May 7, 2008

An anti-marriage constitutional amendment prevents governments and universities in Michigan from providing health insurance to the partners of gay workers, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. (Link)

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Michigan ruling stirs advocates in Florida

Miami Herald
May 8, 2008

Opponents of an anti-marriage amendment in Florida point to a Michigan court decision against allowing health benefits for domestic partners as an example of what the proposed amendment in Florida will do to further discrimination and inequality. (Link)

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How Do You Stop an Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment?

The Stranger
May 7, 2008

Dan Savage writes, "By asking straight people to sacrifice something to protect the sacred sanctity of the institution of marriage." (Link)

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Gay marriage ban moves to full Senate

Patriot News
May 5, 2008

Pennsylvanians and lawmakers rally to protect marriage as an anti-marriage constitutional amendment is expected to be brought for a vote on Wednesday in the state Senate. (Link)

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Big bucks seen in CA anti-marriage amendment battle

Bay Area Reporter
May 1, 2008

Concerning the pending anti-marriage constitutional amendment in California, pollster Ben Tulchin said, "It's going be a tough campaign, but based on the polling we've done the folks who are against [the anti-marriage amendment] have a very good chance of defeating it in November [but] will need a well-funded campaign ... to tell voters why this thing is so bad." (Link)

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Sunday Forum: Marriage in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
April 27, 2008

In addressing the Pennsylvania legislature, City Councilman Bruce A. Kraus says we must have the moral courage to stand up for equal rights and vote against the anti-marriage constitutional amendment. (Link)

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Press Release: Equality for All Campaign Predicts Failure of Initiative Banning Marriage for Gay and

Equality California
April 25, 2008

The Equality For All campaign pledged that an anti-marriage initiative will be defeated if it does qualify for the ballot in California. (Link)

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