Josh Olson: Enough already with the marriage equality thing

Josh Olson dissects the arguments those opposed to the freedom to marry often use. In this case the arguments come from Bishop Harry Jackson, the Christian pastor from Maryland who has led the anti-marriage equality movement in Washington D.C.

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Upcoming Summer for Marriage Events: GA, FL, NC, WV, PA, and DC

Freedom to Marry's Summer for Marriage Tour wraps up next week with events in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. The tour, which was originally organized in response to the National Organization for Marriage's anti-gay “One Man, One Woman” bus tour, has highlighted widespread support for the freedom to marry with supporters of equality outnumbering NOM’s supporters on all 16 stops thus far

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Looking for time bombs and tea leaves on the freedom to marry

Adam Liptak discusses the possible meaning and ramifications of a sentence added by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to a recent Supreme Court decision issued on the last day of the term.

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Hey, America, stop changing the marriage equality goalposts

Marriage equality has seen more ups and downs than a soccer game, because America's right wing keeps changing the goalposts.

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Washington Post: D.C. marriage ruling is a victory for all minority groups

The Washington Post editorial board says the D.C. Court of Appeals on Thursday provided an important and welcome victory for the freedom to marry.

But its decision in Jackson v. D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics is likely to have significance far beyond the realm of gay rights.

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D.C. appeals court upholds the freedom to marry

The D.C. Court of Appeals sustained marriage equality in the District on Thursday in a 5 to 4 vote.

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Life, liberty, and ending inequality

Hans Johnson writes about repealing the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because of cases like Charlene Strong's, a lesbian who was barred from seeing her dying partner in the hospital.

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Video: Woman sues church for honoring the freedom to marry, reconsiders later

The story of Covenant Baptist Church in Washington DC performing marriages for same-sex couples under the strong leadership of Revs. Christine and Dennis Wiley.

A member of the congregation initially sued to get a portion of her weekly donations back ($250,000) as a personal protest against the freedom to marry, but eventually dropped her lawsuit.

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Gay rights group: “Maryland is next!”

An e-mail message sent Tuesday from Equality Maryland, the state's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights group says it is assembling "Action Teams" to mobilize pro-freedom to marry voters to get to the polls in November.

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Changes in federal workers’ leave benefits extended to heterosexual partners, grandparents

Federal workers may use sick leave or funeral leave in cases of ailing or deceased domestic partners starting July 14, the Office of Personnel Management said Monday.

Unlike other recent changes to federal personnel policies that apply only to same-sex partners, the new orders also apply to opposite-sex domestic partners.

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