Two weddings, a divorce and ‘Glee’

Frank Rich discusses the Prop 8 trial in California: "Gays are far from the only Americans still facing discrimination, but as [David] Boies said when I interviewed him about the Prop 8 case last week, the ban on the freedom to marry 'is the last area in which the state is taking an active role in enforcing discrimination.'”

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NOM pouring $ into DC elections

Right Wing Watch notes that in addition to distributing flyers urging people to vote against every official up for re-election who supported marriage equality in DC, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is pouring money into campaigns around the country - including in the District - to punish pro-equality elected officials.

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Freedom to Marry’s Michael Crawford named to “10 People Who Make Us Proud” list by Washington Blade

Freedom to Marry's New Media Director, Michael Crawford, was recently named one of "10 People Who Make Us Proud" by the Washington Blade.

After having helped to secure the freedom to marry in D.C., and now working to do the same nationally at Freedom to Marry, Michael Crawford is a person the LGBT community can be proud of.

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DOMA’s deserted isle

As President Obama further extends federal-employee benefits to same-sex partners, one of the world's most isolated spots grabs a moment of notoriety.

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Online competition begins for all-expense paid same sex wedding

In honor of the passage of the DC Marriage Equality Act, a group of prominent Washington-area wedding vendors have teamed up to offer a same sex couple the wedding of a lifetime, valued at over $100,000.

The first of its kind – Freedom2Wed – is an online wedding competition for same sex couples.

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DC Marriage Profile: ‘I made her talk to me and open up.’

Ellen McCarthy profiles a lesbian couple, Kevia Shepard and Shannette Matthews, who recently were married in Washington, D.C.

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Looking back on the hoopla

On the eve of this weekend’s Black Pride festivities, the Blade checked in with two of the first same-sex couples who wed here in March to find out how they’re doing now that the hoopla has subsided, how they’ve fared as gay or lesbian couples among their black friends and families and their thoughts on the importance of Black Pride.

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Maryland Attorney General, Gansler, vocal in support of the freedom to marry

When he first ran for attorney general on the platform of environmental activism, Douglas F. Gansler said advisers warned him he'd be tagged as a "tree-hugging liberal."

As he seeks re-election this year, and with an eye on the 2014 governor's race, Gansler has embraced another left-of-center cause that he predicts is headed toward mainstream acceptance: the freedom to marry.

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Evan Wolfson: In love and war, honoring the commitment of gay americans

Freedom to Marry's Executive Director, Evan Wolfson, comments on last week's historic votes in the House and Senate Armed Services Committee to repeal the so-called 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

"While repealing military discrimination certainly honors the values of our nation, it is only a step toward closing the door on fundamental unfairness."

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Same-sex couple takes second place in Crate & Barrel wedding contest

They may not have walked away with the grand prize, but Gregory Jones and Jonathan Howard are thrilled with their second-place finish in the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest.

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