Florida to vote on anti-marriage amendment

Orlando Sentinel
February 2, 2008
Florida residents will vote in November on an anti-marriage constitutional amendment, state officials announced late Friday. The signature-petition drive launched three years ago by social-conservative groups managed to beat Friday's deadline to make the presidential-election ballot, the state Division of Elections said…Jon Kislak, chairman of the Florida Red and Blue group planning to fight the amendment, said he was "confident that voters will reject this amendment once they learn it can take away existing rights and benefits from millions of Floridians." [Link]

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The next ‘gay moment’?

In These Times
January 30, 2008
"On a recent flight across the country, my seatmates included a middle-aged couple. Like many fellow travelers in the past two years, they asked me what it meant that I wore a circular white button stating simply but emphatically in black, 'I do!'... And the conversation took a sudden and unprecedented turn. 'My son,' [the man] ventured, with a tight self-conscious smile, 'is gay. And I’m a Republican. But I’ve had employees at my company who had to go back to work, as old as I am, when their partner passed away. They had no more health insurance and no survivor’s benefits. That situation isn’t right,” he stated. 'And it needs to change.'" [link]

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Bloomberg a wildcard in presidential race

Washington Blade
January 25, 2008

Evan Wolfson said a Bloomberg presidential candidacy could benefit the cause of same-sex marriage rights. “Having an independent candidate coming out in an unequivocal way for the freedom to marry may tug the debate in the right direction,” Wolfson said. “That will make it easier for the other candidates to follow.”

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BLOG: Change? What Change?

The Bilerco Project
January 12, 2008
Blogger Karen Ocamb writes, “The saddest part today is that LGBT people are still shooed away, still eyed with suspicion, still addressed through code words like “equality” and their representatives – the LGBT press – is still shunned --- while the candidates talk about change and inclusively. Perhaps the most painful part is knowing that the candidates are aware that the LGBT vote is the second largest and most loyal group in the Democratic Party – roughly 75% - second only to African Americans. So while the candidates court the Black vote in South Carolina as a “core constituency” – they are once again rendering us indivisible.” [link]

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OPINION: Will Sanders lead the nation on marriage?

The San Diego Union-Tribune
September 27, 2007
Jerry Sanders, a first-term Republican whose chance of re-election had seemed to dim in recent weeks, may have caused a huge turnabout in current politics by siding suddenly with mostly liberal voters in deciding that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry a same-sex partner. His action will be felt locally, of course, drastically changing the outlook in next year's mayoral election. But the news penetration he achieved elsewhere in the world suggests that Sanders' action may have a bearing on the political equation nationally as well. [Link]

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OPINION: Believing in the importance and the sanctity of marriage

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
August 31, 2007
I believe in the sanctity of marriage; in fact, it's a tradition I aspire to emulate. For me, marriage is more than just a word; it's the embodiment of an idea to which I am deeply loyal. Marriage sanctifies the love and commitment that form the basis of a strong, morally upright family. "Civil union," by contrast, is a sterile and relatively meaningless term. Those who support civil unions and oppose gay marriage, including nearly all of the Democratic presidential candidates, fail to understand that nobody views marriage in terms of government benefits. [link]

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Poll: Young voters disenchanted with Republican party’s stance on marriage, among others

San Francisco Chronicle
August 27, 2007
Young Americans have become so profoundly alienated from Republican ideals on issues including the war in Iraq, global warming, marriage for gay and lesbian couples, and illegal immigration that their defections suggest a political setback that could haunt Republicans "for many generations to come," the poll said. [link]

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BLOG: Follow-up thoughts on the LGBT debate

The Nation
August 13, 2007

E. J. Graff writes, "In questioning the focus on marriage, Obama revealed his lack of knowledge on the issue and his lack of well-informed LGBT advisors. This discussion is over, except among academics, where it is--excuse the pun--academic. Marriage is a major goal. It's not the only thing worth talking about, but it cannot be dismissed."

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BLOG: Winners and losers at the HRC/LOGO VisibleVote08 forum

August 10, 2007
Blogger Pam Spaulding does her usual excellent job of summarizing and commenting live from the forum. This is a must-read in conjunction with Evan Wolfson's post This week's gay debate: A prime-time opportunity for straight talk on marriage. [link]

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Democratic candidates address gay issues

August 9, 2007

Evan Wolfson said the good news in his view is that all the Democratic candidates support fairness for same-sex couples. "The bad news is they haven't yet grasped that equality in marriage is how you achieve that fairness," Wolfson added. "There is no substitute. They wouldn't trade their marriage for a civil union. Why should gay Americans?"

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