Blocking of same-sex benefits goes further than planned

A group of conservative Christians set out to block El Paso, Texas, from granting health-care benefits to same-sex partners of city-government employees.

But the ballot measure they helped pass in November may also end up stripping benefits from many others, including retired policemen and firefighters.

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Eight days in a changed world

News Analysis: From marriage to the military, the next two weeks will highlight how far the movement for gay equality has come – and how far it has to go.

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Close Ohio gay-rights vote mirrors national debate

Surveys repeatedly find that young adults, far more so than their elders, support the rights of gays to marry and serve openly in the military.

A Gallup poll earlier this year showed, for the first time, a majority of Americans saying same-sex relations were morally acceptable.

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Chafee reiterates pro-marriage stance

In a letter sent by an aide on behalf of Lincoln Chafee, the Rhode Island Governor-elect's longtime position on the freedom to marry was clearly restated: "The governor elect feels that the issue should be addressed as soon as possible by the General Assembly, and does not believe that the question should be decided by a ballot referendum.”

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Poll: Australians in favor of the freedom to marry

Most Australians support the freedom to marry, the latest Nielsen poll shows. br/>
The poll, published on Monday in Fairfax newspapers, found nearly 60 per cent of people support equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, with 37 per cent against.

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A choice: civil unions vs. inequality

Rick Garcia's friends tell him, “You can’t be a gay rights activist and a Catholic.” But Garcia, who attends mass three or four times a week and observes all the holy days, tells them they’re wrong.

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Video: Nov. 12 debate between Sean Eldridge of Freedom to Marry and NOM’s Brian Brown

Freedom to Marry's Political Director, Sean Eldridge debates Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage on the ouster of three Iowa judges who were part of the historic decision that legalized marriage equality in that state.

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Thousands rally in Australia to support the freedom to marry

Australia's Education, Skills and Workforce Participation Minister: "I support the freedom to marry, there are lots of people within the Labor Party who support the freedom to marry, many of them are standing with me today."

"I think this is a journey that's unstoppable and I think we will see full marriage equality in this country in the not too distant future."

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Marriage equality in Maryland by spring?

Openly gay Maryland State Sen. Richard Madaleno (D) is "guardedly optimistic" about the possibility the state legislature will pass a marriage equality bill in its next 90-day session, which runs from January to mid-April of next year.

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Get Busy Winning

Gill Action Fund deputy executive director Bill Smith: "For those who have been panicking about this month’s election returns, take a deep breath. Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated."

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