Minnesota AFL-CIO votes to oppose anti-gay constitutional amendment

The Minnesota AFL-CIO, which represents over 300,000 workers statewide, voted unanimously to oppose the proposed anti-gay constitutional amendment that will appear on the ballot in November 2012

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Is marriage becoming less of a political wedge issue?

In the wake of the marriage victory in New York and six national polls saying a majority of Americans favor the freedom to marry, the issue is also gaining ground among political insiders.

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President Obama on the Freedom to Marry: ‘Our Work Is Not Finished’

Last night during a speech in which President Obama was ticking off the work still ahead for his administration, an audience member called him out on the freedom to marry. The president responded, "Our work is not finished." President Obama is right. The work -- and even his own journey to support -- is not finished.

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Barbara Bush, marriage equality & Obama

Jonathan Capehart makes the case for President Obama conducting a "series of under-the-radar meetings to help him in the 'evolution' of his stance and thinking on marriage for same-sex couples."

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Stopping West Virginia’s anti-marriage equality amendment

For the sixth year in a row, West Virginia will be considering a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between “one man and one woman.”

Last Thursday, the WV Senate and House issued a joint resolution calling for a public vote on marriage in 2012.

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Maryland’s marriage push

The prize is the same, but the playing field has improved for activists seeking marriage equality in Maryland over the past three years.

Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson says Maryland is one of the organization's priority states in 2011: ''We absolutely believe it's winnable."

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Gay rights take center stage in N.Y.

A new phase in the politics of the gay rights movement that could have an even larger impact on the 2012 cycle has begun.

In New York, well-funded gay rights groups will seek to make support for the freedom to marry as mandatory in blue America as allegiance to the Second Amendment is in red America — and to make opposition just as politically suicidal.

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Op-Ed: Every day that passes brings broader acceptance of the freedom to marry in Maryland

The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board: "...the path toward legalizing the freedom to marry here looks clearer than ever — not because of any extraordinary event, or landmark court case, or massive protest march, but because one by one, Marylanders have grown comfortable with the idea that homosexuality is no reason to deny someone’s fundamental rights.

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Iowa voters split on removing state justices for marriage equality ruling

Iowa voters split just about evenly on whether to remove the state’s Supreme Court justices for their ruling last year to honor the marriages of same-sex couples, according to a new Des Moines Register poll.

Thirty-seven percent of likely voters say they’d vote to remove all three justices who are on the ballot this year, while 34% would vote to keep them. Another 10% say they would retain some.

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51% of California voters support marriage equality, poll finds

Although a majority of California voters say they support the freedom to marry, that endorsement is about the same as it was two years ago when voters told pollsters that they approved of the idea but still voted to ban marriages of same-sex couples.

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