Basic Fair Treatment

Southern Voice
April 7, 2006
"Most Americans assume they can get married anywhere they choose without
discriminatory or unfair barriers. Unfortunately gay couples still do not have
that basic fair treatment." [Link]

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Mass. Court Limits Marriage Law

Washington Post
March 30, 2006

The legal bedrock of the court's original decision remained intact -- namely, that Massachusetts gay couples have an unfettered right to marriage. [

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Marriage Equality Moves Forward
March 29, 2006

Not only are we seeing the American people moving swiftly (in historical terms) toward marriage equality, but, in fact it turns out that even the third Wolfson considered unreachable on any reasonable timeline are not so adamant. [

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Activists Meet with Dem Senators

Southern Voice
March 24, 2006

Eight Democratic senators listened to complaints last week from activists that they and their party colleagues have hindered progress on gay rights. Instead of pandering to voters whose support they are unlikely to get, Democrats should make the case for marriage equality in a way that will move the issue forward. [Link]

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Fild Poll: Support for Marriage Equality in CA Continues to Grow

San Francisco Chronicle 
March 22, 2006

Poll shows that opposition to marriage equality is lower than expected (51%), there has been a sharp decline in strong opposition, and the long-term trend towards ending marriage discrimination continues. [Link]

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Marriage Blitz

American Prospect Online
March 10, 2006

The 2004 marriage initiatives and the subsequent Democratic gay-bashing had a salutary effect on LGBT organizations. People had a strategic epiphany that [victory] wasn't going to come in an avalanche, said 
Evan Wolfson, founding director of the national group Freedom to Marry. [Link]

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There They Go Again

TMP Cafe
March 1, 2006

"...On the other side there's 
Evan Wolfson, a longtime movement leader, who famously argues that no one ever got half a loaf by asking for half a loaf..." [Link]

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Religious Leaders Speak Out on Marriage

The Bay Area Reporter
March 23, 2006

Clergy members and gay and lesbian leaders exchanged ideas on how to influence the religious middle on marriage equality and organize opposition to the proposed federal constitutional gay marriage ban during a forum held at San Francisco's LGBT Community Center. [Link]

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Marriage Was a Valentine’s Day Focus

Gay City News
February 16, 2006

Advocates led by Marriage Equality, Metropolitan Community Church converged in downtown New York. Evan Wolfson said about the event, We have an opportunity to have a much greater impact by going out and engaging opinion makers and groups of New Yorkers on this issue. The next several months are crucial because we have to create a climate that shows New Yorkers are ready for it.

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Houston Celebrates Freedom to Marry Week with Weddings and Attempts to Receive Marriage Licenses

The Houston Voice
February 10, 2006

"In addition to the wedding ceremony and demonstration at the clerk's office, foundation officials will sponsor a three-part discussion series..." [Link]

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