Miami Herald: Gay rights a matter of equal rights

The Miami Herald editorial board discusses Florida's anti-gay adoption law: "Florida's ban on gay adoptions is more than discriminatory. It's also inhumane. Hundreds of Florida children are in foster care hoping to be adopted. Good people are eager to become parents -- but denied that right simply because they are gay."

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St. Petersburg takes step forward on benefits for same-sex couples

The editorial board of the St. Petersburg Times applauds the city for its moves to extend health protections to the partners of rank-and-file police officers.

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“Celebrate Our Families Day” in Tampa & Orlando

Sunday was a stormy day across Florida, blinding rain and slippery roads - a perfect day to stay home. But we didn't. Nor did the nearly 200 folks who came out to the "Celebrate Our Families" events in Tampa and Orlando.

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Upcoming Summer for Marriage Events: GA, FL, NC, WV, PA, and DC

Freedom to Marry's Summer for Marriage Tour wraps up next week with events in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. The tour, which was originally organized in response to the National Organization for Marriage's anti-gay “One Man, One Woman” bus tour, has highlighted widespread support for the freedom to marry with supporters of equality outnumbering NOM’s supporters on all 16 stops thus far

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Movement to ban same-sex couples from adopting: sacrificing the well-being of children

Florida is the only state that bans any gay man or lesbian from adopting. And that has created a dilemma for the courts: either they honor the law or honor their duty to rule in the best interests of the children.

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White House event has Washington state tie-in

Lacey, WA resident Janice Langbehn, whose family story sparked a presidential order that hospitals recognize the rights of gay couples, was an invitee to a White House Pride Month celebration Tuesday night.

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Rush: ‘Congrats on #4 from those of us who can’t have 1’

In response to Rush Limbaugh's fourth wedding over the weekend, web site hired a plane to fly over the wedding site towing a banner that read "Rush: Congrats on your 4th marriage. XO, Gawker."

The message on the banner was chosen from suggestions made by readers which included: "This time he really means it," "Wishing you months of bliss," and the ironic freedom to marry angle: "Congrats on #4 from those of us who can't have 1."

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Scandal stirs legal questions in anti-gay cases

For years, George A. Rekers has held himself out as an expert witness in court on homosexuality, arguing in cases concerning the freedom to marry and gay adoption that gay men and lesbians lead dangerous lives and raise troubled children.

Now Dr. Rekers himself is under fire, raising new legal questions about his courtroom role.

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One million LGBT parents raising two million kids: what’s the problem?

Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Equality Council, responds to comments made by Former Republican Governor Mike Huckabee earlier this month that the country shouldn't "experiment" by allowing gay couples to adopt children. "Children are not puppies," he said. "This is not a time to see if we can experiment and find out, how does this work?"

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Newspaper coverage a reflection of gay-tolerant community

Edward Schumacher-Matos writes in response to a Miami Herald reader who feels there has been one-sided pro-gay rights coverage in the newspaper.

"In recent years, most of us have come to accept the scientific view that sexual orientation is not a life choice, but a matter of genetics that defines a person as much as race. It is opposition to gay rights that is the life choice. If morality is important in guiding the newspaper -- and I think it is -- then this means that the newspaper is morally obliged to be more concerned about its impact on gays in our community than on those whose life choice is to restrict them."

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