Marriage equality could move forward in some U.S. states

A handful of U.S. states are poised to take up the issue of marriage equality afresh, due largely to incoming lawmakers who may tip the balance in favor of the controversial measure.

"The work of persuasion, of personal conversations, of talking to lawmakers and mobilizing against a well-funded anti-gay opposition" are among the primary tasks for the lobbying group Freedom to Marry, said founder Evan Wolfson. "With the freedom to marry within reach this year in states such as New York, Maryland and Rhode Island, now is the time to have those conversations and move marriage forward," he said.

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The state of Marriage Equality in 2011

After a 2010 with few marriage equality measures contested outside the courtroom, 2011 will likely see a number of battles state by state across the country.

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Get Busy Winning

Gill Action Fund deputy executive director Bill Smith: "For those who have been panicking about this month’s election returns, take a deep breath. Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated."

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The Freedom to Marry an Issue in Hawaii Gov. Race

The freedom to marry is a key election issue in the Hawaii gubernatorial race.

The Republican candidateis proposing a constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples, while the Democratic nominee opposes the ban and supports civil unions.

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Hawaii democrats hope to regain governorship

After a bitter campaign marked by mudslinging and contentious divisions over race, religion and gay rights, two longtime political rivals in Hawaii meet in a primary Saturday to decide which Democrat will try to recapture the governor's seat from Republican hands after eight years.

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6 same-sex couples in Hawaii sue following civil unions veto

Six same-sex couples in Hawaii are filing a lawsuit Thursday asking for the same rights as married couples, three weeks after Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed a civil unions measure for same-sex couples.

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Hey, America, stop changing the marriage equality goalposts

Marriage equality has seen more ups and downs than a soccer game, because America's right wing keeps changing the goalposts.

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Culhane: Should we hate civil unions, or love them?

John Culhane on civil unions: "...[they] may well have been – and may, in some states, even continue to be – politically necessary compromises, way stations of a sort on the route to full marriage equality. But we should continue to point out that there’s plenty in a name."

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The governor who vetoed equality

Governor Lingle, your veto of a vital civil rights bill serves as a catalyst for further uniting of our community and will some day be viewed as a transforming and pivotal moment in our battle for equal rights.

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Op-Ed: Hawaii Gov. Lingle’s veto of civil unions

Jonathan Capehart criticizes Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle's decision to veto the state's civil unions bill:

"The Hawaiian legislature must override Lingle’s veto. To do otherwise is to break faith with same-sex couples in the Aloha State -- and to be on the wrong side of history with Lingle."

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