November 4: Take Action to Preserve the Freedom to Marry in California

Tell everyone you know: Vote No on 8! Prop. 8 is unfair and wrong and would eliminate couples' freedom to marry in California. Preserving marriage equality will not only protect families in California, it will also add momentum to move our country toward fairness for all.

Here are a few simple ways to take action:

1) Spread the word about No on 8. Make sure everyone knows to VOTE NO (not yes) and knows to GO ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BALLOT!

2) Donate to No on 8. If you have already, do it again.

3) Phone Bank for No on 8. Visit a field office, host a phone bank party, or just do it from home.

Here are the important battles and the right way to vote , alongside the presidential and other key races:

CALIFORNIA: Vote No on 8

FLORIDA: Vote No on 2

ARIZONA: Vote No on 102

CONNECTICUT: Vote No on Question 1

ARKANSAS: Vote No on Act 1

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Polls Show Anti-Gay Prop. 8 in California Could Go Either Way

Nearly just two weeks from election day, polls in California show that Prop. 8, the initiative which would eliminate marriage equality, is in a dead heat among the state's voters.

What can you do between now and election day to ensure victory for equality, not only in California, but also in Florida and Arizona where discriminatory anti-gay initiatives threaten state constitutions? Get involved today: California, Florida, and Arizona

More on Election 2008

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Connecticut Ends Gay Couples’ Exclusion from Marriage

Connecticut now joins California and Massachusetts as the next state to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage with the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling to uphold the freedom to marry in Kerrigan and Mock v. the CT Department of Public Health.

Just like the California ruling earlier this year, the Connecticut high court understood that the only way to provide equality is through marriage. As we celebrate Connecticut, all fair-minded people need to join the effort to preserve the freedom to marry in California.

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As First No on 8 TV Ad Runs, Google & the New York Times Express Opposition to the CA Initiative

Last week the No on 8 campaign began running its first tv ad in California, which featured Freedom to Marry Steering Committee member Sam Thoron and his wife of 47 years, Julia sharing their message about why they are against discriminatory Prop. 8 in California: "My wife and I never treated our children different, we never loved them any differently and the law shouldn't treat them differently either." They warn that passing Prop. 8 would take away their gay daughter's ability to marry, along with all other gay and lesbian people in California.

As this ad circulated during premiere week on TV and during the Presidential debate, both Google and the New York Times encouraged voters in California to vote No on Prop. 8.

Learn more about how to preserve marriage in California

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Pro-Equality Public Education Campaign Sweeps Across California

Let California Ring, a non-gay and gay coalition-run public education campaign that has been running in California over the last few years to open hearts and minds about the unique respect, dignity and support that come with marriage, is finishing up a six-week intensive run this week throughout the state.

Over the course of the six-week effort, families across California are telling their stories about acceptance and respect through full page ads appearing in Latino, African American and Asian/Pacific Islander newspapers across the state. The ads are running in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese, Tagalog and Korean. See them here. Radio ads mirroring the print ads are also airing, and local media are starting to publish featured stories and op-eds. Join the conversation.

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2008 Election: Anti-Equality Initiatives Threaten Three States’ Constitutions

Florida, Arizona, and California all face initiatives which are attempting to write discrimination into their state constitutions: Prop. 2 in Florida, Prop. 102 in Arizona, and Prop. 8 in California.

Pro-equality coalitions are working hard against these discriminatory initiatives in all three states, but more help is urgently needed. Be on the right side of history and get involved in Florida, in Arizona, and in California.

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Anti-Equality Forces Mobilizing in California

Groups working to threaten the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples in California were recently highlighted for making plans to try and mobilize volunteers across the state to oppose equality. While pro-equality volunteers are already at work throughout the state, the anti-equality groups are a very real threat. Everyone's attention and time are needed now to preserve the freedom to marry in California.

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The Presidential Candidates on the Freedom to Marry

With Labor Day behind us, the 2008 election campaign kicks into high gear. Alongside top-priority battles such as California's Proposition 8 (which would eliminate the fundamental right to marry for same-sex couples), the presidential campaign is commanding attention. Here is what the candidates themselves are saying:

Senator John McCain, Republican, opposes the freedom to marry and said "I don't believe in gay adoption." He supports the anti-marriage amendment in California.

Senator Barack Obama, Democrat, supports "equality" for gay couples and their families, but has not explicitly supported (and at times has said he does not favor) marriage equality itself, preferring mechanisms such as civil unions. He supports repeal of the federal anti-marriage law (so-called "DOMA"), and has underscored believing "that the federal government should not stand in the way of states that want to decide on their own how best to pursue equality for gay and lesbian couples -- whether that means a domestic partnership, a civil union, or a civil marriage."

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Freedom to Marry Honors the Life of Del Martin

Evan Wolfson, Executive Director, upon the passing of Del Martin, a civil rights leader who, along with her spouse Phyllis Lyon whom she married on June 16, 2008 after 55 years together, was one of the nation's first and most admired activists for equality and fairness for lesbian and gay people:

"Del Martin lived what Dr. King said he, too, aspired to — a committed life. Committed to changing our country and the lives of millions for the better, committed to her beloved spouse Phyllis, committed in meaning and, happily, thanks to the progress she inspired, committed in marriage. Freedom to Marry honors this luminous pioneer and pillar, and as we work to have and hold marriage in California and nationwide, treasures the lessons she and Phyllis taught us and the example they set."

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New Jersey Polling Shows Unequivocal Support for Marriage Instead of Civil Unions

Garden State Equality announced in a press release, that New Jersey wants to dump civil unions for marriage, and is ready now.

The survey found that "By 59 to 36 percent, New Jerseyans say they would be 'fine with' public officials changing the civil union law to marriage equality." These results are a call to action for New Jersey legislators who should listen to their constituents and end the exclusion of gay and lesbian couples from marriage in this year's legislative session. Governor Corzine already pledged to sign such a law.

Get the Facts: What's Going On in New Jersey and Why Civil Unions Are Failing

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