HUMOR: Gay Alimony

Funny or Die
April 23, 2009

Michael Rappaport explains: His ex-wife can't marry her new girlfriend, which means he has to keep paying her alimony. [Link]

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The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

The Colbert Report
April 16, 2009

There's a giant gay storm gathering, and before long the winds will be blowing each other. "Remember, when the gay community is granted personal freedoms, ours is taken away. How? Shhh."(06:11) [Link]

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Gathering Storm Spoof

April 13, 2009

New spoofs and parodies are being made every day. [Link]

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HUMOR: A Storm is Gathering

Wake Up World
April 13, 2009

A comedy troupe creates a video response to the so-called NOM's "Gathering Storm." They jokingly posit that "The apocalyptic consequences of same-sex marriage are too terrifying to imagine. But you can help. Join the Brownbow Coalition. United by our shared intolerance, we will Restore Integrity to Marriage." [Link]

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Portia De Rossi “Apologizes” For Marrying Ellen (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post
March 21, 2009
Portia De Rossi appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" land talked about being a teenage model and her new show "Better Off Ted." She also brought with her a new PSA she made about marriage and Prop 8.

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Ellen Interviews Portia de Rossi: “She Also Happens To Be My Wife”

March 16, 2009

How many millions in marriage equality ads is this interview worth? [Link]

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HUMOR: What About ‘Gay Marriage’?

January 7, 2009
23/6 brings us a 50's educational-style propaganda film about what America would be like if gay couples were allowed the protections and responsibilities of marriage. Humorously convoluted...[Link]

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Marc Shaiman on ‘Prop 8 — The Musical’

New York Times
December 4, 2008
The musical itself is the brainchild of Marc Shaiman, the composer of the film and stage musical “Hairspray,” as well as some of the filthier songs in “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.” Assembled in a week, it’s also the result of a process that began when Mr. Shaiman learned that Scott Eckern, the musical director of Sacramento’s California Musical Theater, had donated money to a Yes-on-Prop 8 campaign. The proposition has already passed, and Mr. Eckern has since resigned, so what has Mr. Shaiman gained from this video? He discusses the creation of “Prop 8­–The Musical” in a Q&A. [Link]

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VIDEO: Prop 8—The Musical

Funny or Die
December 3, 2008

A star-studded cast turns out for "Prop 8 - The Musical." [Link]

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A Marriage Manifesto… Of Sorts

Religion Dispatches
November 17, 2008
I no longer recognize marriage. It’s a new thing I’m trying. Yesterday I called a woman’s spouse her boyfriend. She says, correcting me, “He’s my husband,”“Oh,” I say, “I no longer recognize marriage.” The impact is obvious. In a moment they feel what it’s like to have their relationship downgraded, and to have a much taken-for-granted right called into question because of another’s beliefs. [Link]

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