Video: HuffPo Impact Premiere: A New Documentary from Immigration Equality

Steve Ralls, Director of Communications for Immigration Equality, tells the story of Shirley Tan, a mother of two, originally from The Philippines, who answered a knock on her door at 7am in January 2009. She was getting her 12-year-old twin sons ready for school, and preparing to see her partner of 23 years, Jay Mercado, off to work. When Shirley answered, ICE agents produced an order of deportation, which Shirley had never seen before, then handcuffed her and threw her into a waiting van.

"The lack of recognition for lesbian and gay couples under immigration law is, literally, ripping loving families apart," said Rachel B. Tiven, Immigration Equality's executive director. "For every day that passes without action from Congress, another family faces separation and another child is put in jeopardy of losing a parent." Beginning today, house parties across the country will screen the group's new documentary, which is premiering exclusively on HuffingtonPost Impact. You can make an impact in the lives of Shirley, Jay and their sons - and tens of thousands of other families like theirs - by watching the video, passing it along and visiting to learn more.

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60 Members of Congress Call for LGBT-Inclusive Immigration Reform

Immigration Equality
February 8, 2010

Sixty Members of Congress, led by Freedom to Marry Voice for Equality, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), have issued a letter calling on President Obama and Congressional leaders to pass legislation which would end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) immigrant families. “No one,” the letter insists, “should be forced to choose between the person they love and the country they call home. It is time that our immigration laws kept families together instead of tearing them apart.” [Link]

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Gays Excluded From Immigration Bill
December 21, 2009
Immigration Equality is disappointed with a House immigration bill that doesn't include binational gay couples, but the organization expressed hope that a Senate omnibus bill would include protections for gay and lesbian couples and their families. [Link]

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Massachusetts Man Says Brazilian Husband Denied US Asylum

The Associated Press
October 26, 2009
Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly did not act on a Friday deadline in the case of an openly gay Brazilian man seeking asylum in the U.S. on humanitarian grounds. The man was married in Massachusetts and won't be reunited with his husband as a result of the denial of asylum. [Link]

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U.S. Immigration Law: Tearing Apart LGBT Life, Love & Home

The Huffington Post
October 5, 2009
The National Equality March on Sunday has included LGBT-inclusive immigration reform on its list of priorities. For the estimated 36,000 couples our discriminatory immigration laws impact, time is of the essence. Many face eminent separation or are already living separately - even on separate continents - because the U.S. government refuses to allow them to be together. The reality these families face is harsh, and the impact on their livelihood is very, very real. [Link]

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