61% of Britons Back Freedom to Marry

The Times of London
June 27, 2009
Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall, the gay charity, said be believed the introduction of civil partnerships in 2005 particularly helped to shift attitudes. “Suddenly millions of people realised gay people want to get married just like everyone else, and have slightly excitable ceremonies where aunties end up rowing, just like everyone else,” he said. “It comes up time and time again when I meet people who have been to civil partnership ceremonies or have heard of friends or neighbours having them.” [link]

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Marriage Equality Gets a Dutch Boost

The New York Times
June 25, 2009
Of all things, historical and cultural, that link Amsterdam to New York, there is a particular bond that strikes a personal chord with Carolien Gehrels. Mrs. Gehrels, the deputy mayor of Amsterdam, will be among a delegation of officials from the Netherlands who are flying to New York this weekend to attend gay pride celebrations and to embrace efforts to legalize the freedom to marry in New York State. Mrs. Gehrels brings a personal perspective to the issue: she is married to a woman. She said the legislation pending in Albany deserved a full debate. “This is exactly what happened in the Netherlands before the legalization of marriage equality. The debate as well as the legal recognition meant an enormous step forward in the acceptance of LGBT citizens in Dutch society.” [Link]

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Tradition of marriage equality in Igboland, Nigeria

Nigerian Tribune
June 19, 2009
One of the contentious issues in the debate over marriage equality is whether a marriage between persons of the same gender is totally alien to African culture and tradition. Those opposing the freedom to marry have continued to argue that same gender union is foreign to Africa. On the contrary, I have tried to draw their attention to the fact that there is a strain of the same gender marriage in African tradition particularly in Igboland. This is a situation where people are permitted to break taboos and deviate from traditions. This marriage practice pre- dates Christianity and the so- called western culture. Individuals are becoming more open, more assertive and expressive with their sexual and marriage choices, desires, orientations and identities. [Link]

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Study shows Australians support the freedom to marry

Australian Associated Press
June 16, 2009
A new survey has shown 60 per cent of Australians support marriage equality. And 58 per cent believed Australia should also recognize the marriages of immigrating same-sex couples who'd tied the knot overseas. Support for gay marriage was strongest among Australians aged 16 to 24, with 74 per cent in favour compared with 45 per cent for those aged over 50. Australian Greens leader Bob Brown, who is openly gay, used the survey results to urge the Rudd Government to offer same-sex couples more than civil unions. [Link]

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Immigration law divides gay couples

Houston Chronicle
June 14, 2009
Joseph Racicot and his partner, Roland, will celebrate their eighth anniversary as a couple on Tuesday. They will spend their anniversary some 1,500 miles apart because under federal law, gay and lesbian U.S. citizens are not entitled to apply for legal status for their partners, even if their marriage is recognized by state law. “The bottom line is that we wouldn’t be going through this if, as an American, I had the right to sponsor my partner,” said Roland. [Link]

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Guam taking up same-sex civil unions

Associated Press
June 4, 2009

Guam's legislature is considering whether to allow same-sex civil unions in the Pacific island U.S. territory. (Link)

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Swedish government approves marriage equality

Washington Blade
April 1, 2009
According to Evan Wolfson, "By moving from domestic partnerships to marriage, Sweden is confirming that there is no substitute for full equality and that ending marriage discrimination is the best way to help families while hurting no one." Wolfson said the vote "shows where the world is heading" and that the United States "should be leading, not lagging" in the movement. [Link]

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Gays Win Marriage in Sweden

Sveriges Radio
April 1, 2009

Same-sex couples in Sweden will be allowed to marry as of May 1st. Following a parliamentary vote Wednesday afternoon, MPs voted by a huge majority to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in civil ceremonies. [Link]

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Binational, Same-Sex Couples Face Immigration Problems

San Jose Mercury News
March 29, 2009
Binational gay couples discuss how the so-called DOMA and non-inclusive federal immigration laws negatively effect their lives, affirming their support for a change in federal law that would grant gay partners the immigration protections afforded to straight married couples.[Link]

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Japan Allows Its Gay and Lesbian Citizens Marriage Abroad

Agence France-Presse
March 27, 2009

Although Japan's government does not recognize marriage for gay couples, it has approved a policy to allow Japanese citizens to marry same-sex foreign partners abroad. [Link]

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