China holds first Freedom to Marry Day protest

Pink News
February 19, 2007
On Valentine's Day, Beijing's gay population protested for marriage equality. This was the Freedom to Marry Day event in China. In addition, many by-standers supported the protesters. "I think it's only fair; it's everybody's right to get married," Liu Peng, one of the crowd who watched the protest, told the Advocate. "I support them. I think it's great." [Link]

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COMMENTARY: Spanish lessons

January 30, 2007
How did Spain, a country with a long Catholic tradition, manage to implement marriage equality? A year after same-sex unions became legal, an on-the-ground analysis of how it happenedand what Americans can learn. [link]

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In South Africa, new law needs to be bolstered with education

The Star
January 28, 2007
Legalization had been expected to bring more gays out of the closet to lead normal lives, knowing they would have the same benefits as their non-gay brothers and sisters. However, some now fear being victimized by those who feel betrayed by the African National Congress-dominated government. [Link]

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Canadian Senate makes it official: Marriage equality nationwide

BBC News
July 20, 2005
The Canadian Senate followed the House of Commons with a vote for marriage, making Canada the fourth country in the world to end gay couples' exclusion from marriage nationwide. While thousands of same-sex couples have already married in the past two years in parts of Canada, parliament's historic vote means an end to marriage discrimination throughout the country, proves to people worldwide that everyone benefits when gay couples are treated equally, and puts Canada leagues ahead of its neighbor to the south. [Link]

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Spain, Canada Laws Provide Valuable Lesson for U.S.

June 30, 2005

The progress of laws ending marriage discrimination in Canada and Spain has given gay advocates a chance to celebrate equality and recommit to the struggle at home. Prominent gay leaders such as Freedom to Marry executive director Evan Wolfson applauded the virtuous example saying, "The victories in these countries show that families are helped and no one is hurt when discrimination ends." [Link]

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