Opinion: Outside agitators

Tim Rutten criticizes out-of-state groups and individuals, such as the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage and prominent Utah Mormon, Alan Ashton, that have inserted themselves in campaigns against marriage equality in Iowa and California.

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New group opposes effort to remove Iowa judges

A new coalition aimed at retaining Iowa’s system of judicial appointments warned Monday that an “extremist” group from Mississippi is at the root of an effort to oust three justices from the state Supreme Court.

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Judge in Iowa Freedom to Marry decision denounces ouster effort

An effort to oust three Iowa Supreme Court justices for their role in striking down Iowa's ban on the freedom to marry is at best "misguided" and at worst "an abuse" of the system, said the Polk County District Court judge who first ruled on the case.

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In Wake of Ballot Initiatives, Questions about the National Organization for Marriage’s Funding

Catholic Groups Funneled Millions to Fund Anti-Gay Marriage Initiatives in California, Maine.

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Sandra Day O’Connor lends support to Iowa pro-marriage equality justices

Three of the Supreme Court justices who struck down an Ohio state law denying the freedom to marry are facing "retention votes" this year, and conservatives are using the ruling against them.

The targeting of the Iowa justices has brought together a group of distinguished legal scholars and jurists who have spoken out in support of the beleaguered justices, among them Sandra Day O’Connor.

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Report: Marriages of same-sex couples strikingly similar to other marriages

Iowa’s 18-month experience with marriages of same-sex couples has revealed striking similarities to traditional marriage and no discernible harm to it, according to an IowaWatch study.

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Vander Plaats seeks to inject politics into the Iowa judiciary

One Iowa Executive Director Carolyn Jenison released the following statement today in response to an announcement by Bob Vander Plaats that he will launch a campaign to unseat three Iowa Supreme Court Justices.

The three Justices were part of the 7-0 unanimous ruling that cleared the way for the freedom to marry in Iowa.

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Equality supporters outnumber anti-gay NOM as it stays in the parking lot in Sioux City

As NOM’s Summer for Marriage tour made its 15th stop today in Sioux City, Iowa, 53 NOM supporters gathered in a parking lot (for the third time on this tour!) for yet another “One Man, One Woman” marriage rally.

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Summer for Marriage goes to Iowa

NOM did its best to promote anti-gay discrimination in Des Moines but managed to attracted only 87 people against the freedom to marry.

Des Moines was the first of two stops on NOM’s anti-gay bus tour.

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Hey, America, stop changing the marriage equality goalposts

Marriage equality has seen more ups and downs than a soccer game, because America's right wing keeps changing the goalposts.

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