WATCH: Wedding video from Susan and Shannon’s celebration wins international award

Last year, Susan and Shannon promised their commitment to each other in Kansas City, MO, and they had a filmmaker capture the experience in a video called "Radiance." Now, the film has won an international award. Michael Ransdell of One Tree Films has won an international film contest from Top Knots!

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My Two Moms: How 12 awesome families are celebrating Mothers’ Day this year

Mothers' Day is a time to recognize the many varieties of families that come together to make our country so interesting. There is no one formulation for what makes a strong family, and there is no magic blueprint for what makes a good mother: The one thing that strong, dynamic families have in common is love.

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Mayors in Kansas and Arkansas speak out for the freedom to marry

This week, a number of new mayors joined the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry coalition - including Mayor Lioneld Jordan from Fayetteville, AR and Mayor Barb Shirley from Salina, KS.

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11 gorgeous photos and a video of Shannon and Susan promising commitment in Kansas City

"When you fall in love - real love - marriage is the highest form of recognition of that love," Shannon Feldt said, explaining why couples like her and Susan McSpadden, who promised their commitment to each other last year in Kansas City - couples across the Midwest, couples across the South, and couples nationwide - need the freedom to marry.

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For Summer and Celeste, DOMA repeal means protection for their daughter

Although they have been together for almost three years, Summer says that she and fiancé Celeste struggle to have their relationship recognized by the Army. This is largely due to the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, which forces the U.S. military to discriminate against same-sex couples and their families because it denies federal respect of marriages between same-sex couples.

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11 State Democratic Party Chairs endorse freedom to marry plank

Today 11 State Democratic Party chairs from across the country joined in support of a freedom to marry plank in the party’s national platform. The chairs include John Burton (CA), Jay Jacobs (NY), John Walsh (MA), Ken Martin (MN), Meredith Wood Smith (OR), Boyd Richie (TX), Jake Perkinson (VT), Mike Tate (WI), Dwight Pelz (WA), Jon Wisniewski (NJ), and Joan Wagnon (KS).

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Editorial: Fair Courts in the Cross-Fire

The New York Times editorial board criticizes campaigns against justices around the country, including an anti-gay campaign against the three Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of marriage for lesbian and gay couples in the state.

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For same-sex couples, a patchwork of marriage laws

Many lesbian and gay couples struggle with the classification and recognition of their relationships due to varying marriage equality laws and freedom to marry bans throughout the United States.

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Voice for Equality: Professor Maggie Childs

Maggie Childs is the chair of the Kansas Equality Coalition and an associate professor at the University of Kansas. Maggie received her B.A. from Gettysburg College, her M.A. in Japanese from Columbia University, and her Ph.D. in Japanese from the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Childs has served as the chair of the University of Kansas, Department of East Asian Languages. She has also taught at Southern Illinois University, Columbia University, and the University of Michigan. Learn more here.

Maggie has been the chair of the Kansas Equality Coalition since being elected to that position in 2005. Before that, she served as the chair of the Lawrence Chapter of the Kansas Equality Coalition. As chair of the Lawrence chapter, Childs supported a local registry for same-sex couples to help secure marriage privileges for Lawrence couples. As Edge Boston reported,

Childs said she hope[d] a registry would provide a toehold in eventually overturning the state ban on marriage equality, saying gay couples should have the same rights as straight people when it comes to child custody, insurance or making medical decisions for a partner. [Link]
Freedom to Marry salutes Professor Maggie Childs as a Voice for Equality!

**Make your NOMINATION for a Voice for Equality today!

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Vermont residents stand up to Kansas anti-gay protestors

Burlington Free Press
September 1, 2009
In response to protesters from Kansas yelling anti-gay messages outside Montpelier High School, students encouraged people to give $1 to GLAD, a New England gay rights group, for every minute the unwelcome protestors remained at the school. [Link]

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