OPINION: Republicans play key role in wins

Washington Blade
June 22, 2007
Thanks to Rep. Ross and all the others who voted against the constitutional amendment, we can celebrate a bi-partisan victory in Massachusetts — and it is a huge victory. Families in the Bay State are stronger, more secure and better because the freedom to marry will go on. Civil marriage equality is here to stay in Massachusetts, planting an anchor for other states to make similar progress. [Link]

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EDITORIAL: Equality itself

Times Argus
June 21, 2007
In Massachusetts, as in Vermont, supporters of marriage equality gained ground when they put a human face on their cause. Gay and lesbian residents told stories about the relationships that mattered to them, about family, loyalty, commitment. When confronted with the human reality of gay relationships, it happens again and again that fear recedes. [Link]

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OPINION: Tyranny by ballot

The Boston Globe
June 16, 2007
When the Massachusetts Legislature voted this week, it acted upon the knowledge that for too long, gay and lesbian people — like people of color, women, and the physically challenged before them — were penalized by the details of life, enslaved mentally and physically to the will of the majority... This was a moment the Legislature had to be the guardian angel. It acted in the spirit of Federalist No. 51: "A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions." [Link]

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Waves of change swept away bid against gay people’s marriages

The Boston Globe
June 17, 2007
Over the years, one legislator after another moved into the pro-marriage equality camp, or at least into the anti-amendment one. Some did so after immense personal struggles over the issue; some after they discovered that switching sides had few electoral costs. In 2004, the year of the most impassioned debate over gay and lesbian marriages, all of the lawmakers who switched their positions to oppose the ban were reelected, even though supporters of the amendment had warned them of bruising battles and certain defeat. [Link]

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Personal stories changed minds

The Boston Globe
June 15, 2007
The urgency, and power, of telling your stories, supporting public education efforts, and talking about why marriage matters: Representative Richard J. Ross, a Republican from Wrentham, had a revelation Wednesday afternoon after meeting with a gay Republican who presented him with this challenge: As director of his family's funeral home, Ross had surely treated every family the same, no matter what their race, religion, or sexual orientation. So why would he do anything else in his other job, as a lawmaker? [Link]

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One lawmaker, in her own words, who changed her vote in MA

The Boston Globe
June 14, 2007
"For me, what all this comes down to is this: Same gendered couples are taxpaying, law-abiding citizens, who are important community contributors, well-loved and well-respected by their families, friends, neighbors and employers. They deserve and are entitled to the same legal protections enjoyed by all others citizens of our state." [Link]

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Activists predict progress in NY, CA, WA, this year

Washington Blade
January 26, 2007

Evan Wolfson
, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said there is also reason for hope in Massachusetts.
"The new legislature has more pro-marriage legislators combined with a new pro-marriage governor. This will allow wiser heads to prevail. If it gets on the ballot, we will defeat it, but I would rather spend our resources for other states in their battles for marriage equality."


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Divorcing gay couples create new legal issues

San Francisco Gate
September 25, 2006
Gay and lesbian couples in the United States cannot marry anywhere except MA, but many states that legally recognize same-sex couples now send them to divorce court if they break up. The legal questions are new because there was never such disconnect between states and the federal marriage laws until VT instituted civil unions in 2000, and only 113 of those unions have been dissolved. [link]

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Newspaper Ads

Fighting Back: Marriage equality backers place newspaper ads
AP Wire
July 24, 2006

Signatories of the ads included the mayors of Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Providence, R.I., Portland, Ore., West Sacramento, Calif., and Palm Springs, Calif.

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Mass. Court Limits Marriage Law

Washington Post
March 30, 2006

The legal bedrock of the court's original decision remained intact -- namely, that Massachusetts gay couples have an unfettered right to marriage. [

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