Anti-gay groups increase political text message activity in Minnesota

More Minnesotans are receiving unsolicited political text messages in the final days before the election, causing an added annoyance for some voters.

Both Americans in Contact PAC and the National Organization for Marriage have been sending messages to voters in southern Minnesota in the past week or so.

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Marriage equality IS on the ballot this year

Make no mistake—marriage equality IS on the ballot this year, and in several states around the country we have an opportunity to take enormous steps towards ending discrimination against gay and lesbian families.

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Anti-freedom to marry groups use MLK in new radio ad in Minnesota

The Minnesota Family Council and the National Organization for Marriage are launching radio ads that mention the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in urging voters to support Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer because he backs the “right to vote” against marriage equality.

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National Organization for Marriage, What Are You Hiding?

As the National Organization for Marriage attempts to evade election laws across the country, Freedom to Marry's Executive Director Evan Wolfson explains what NOM has to hide.

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Artist gathers raw materials, raw emotions with Catholic DVD

The "Preserving Marriage in Minnesota" DVD reiterates the Catholic Church's position that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Over the weekend, hundreds of Catholics donated their DVDs to an artist who plans to make an art project out of them.

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Website to collect Catholic bishops’ DVDs is launched

A group of Catholic Minnesotans has launched a website to collect and protest DVDs supporting a ban on the freedom to marry in Minnesota that are being distributed by the Catholic Church.

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Letter to Editor: MN Catholic vows to send back Bishops’ anti-marriage DVD

In response to Catholic Bishops in Minnesota sending out political anti-freedom to marry DVDs, one faithful Catholic says he'll return his marked "return to sender."

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What Target and the National Organization for Marriage have in common

Michael A. Jones reports on some state races where marriage equality may be an active issue this fall. About the gubernatorial race in Minnesota, where both Target and NOM have put money behind anti-gay candidate Tom Emmer, Jones notes, "today they're [Target] standing on the side of the National Organization for Marriage, instead of on the side that would treat all their customers and employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, with dignity."

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Video: Voice for Equality - Minnesota State Senator John Marty strikes back at NOM attack ad

John Marty is a member of the Minnesota Senate, representing District 54, which includes portions of Hennepin and Ramsey counties in the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

When, in 2010, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) ran an election ad attacking Minnesota State Sen. John Marty for supporting the freedom to marry, he struck back with a video of his own.

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Op-Ed: Anti-freedom to marry campaign: day late, dollars long

Lori Sturdevant discusses a $200,000 statewide TV ad campaign in Minnesota by the National Organization for Marriage. "It dawned on me that the anti-freedom to marry group is not really trying to influence the Legislature -- at least not the current one. It's trying to inject the gay rights issue into this fall's state election campaign, and drive up voter turnout among people who share its beliefs."

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