Voice for Equality: Al Franken

Alan Franken is an American entertainer-turned-politician. In 2008, Franken ran as the Democratice-Farmer-Labor Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Minnesota. On June 30, 2009, the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld Franken's victory, and stated that he was entitled to be certified as the election winner. Hours later, former Republican Senator, Norm Coleman, conceded the race.

Franken has worked as a comedian, writer and liberal political commentator. He has also been a longtime champion for gay rights. In fact, in 2005 a blogger, wrote about a speech Franken delivered: “Franken first talked about gay marriage. He portrayed it as a basic issue of civil rights, invoking miscengenation.”

Freedom to Marry salutes Al Franken - a Voice for Equality as far back as 2005 - and now one of 14 marriage equality supporters in the U.S. Senate.

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Duluth to Offer Domestic Partner Certificates

Duluth News Tribune
May 12, 2009
The city of Duluth will begin offering domestic partnership certificates after a 5-to-3 City Council vote Monday night. Councilor Jeff Anderson proposed that the city offer the certificates, saying it would be easier for couples to get benefits from employers that provide them to domestic partners. He noted that the city of Minneapolis has offered a similar program for several years. [link]

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Marriage equality in Iowa is stirring Minnesota

Minneapolis Star Tribune
April 25, 2009

States from Maine to California look to be the next battlegrounds in a legal fight that is leapfrogging the country. In Minnesota, the two sides are stalemated for now, but the debate promises to be part of each legislative session for years to come. [Link]

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Capitol rally: putting marriage into economic terms

February 11, 2009

Everywhere you go at the state Capitol these days the talk is of the budget, the economic crisis and then the budget again. So when Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, speaks at a "Freedom to Marry Day Rally" Thursday afternoon, he's going to put the subject of same-sex marriage into economic terms.  [Link]

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Same-Sex Couples Set to Sue Minnesota over Marriage Rights

The Minnesota Independent
January 14, 2009
An interview with Doug Benson, founder of a group called Marry Me Minnesota, which is helping organize a lawsuit to be filed by as many as 10 gay couples against the state of Minnesota for denying them the freedom to marry. [Link]

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Why I support marriage equality

The Twin City Daily Liberal
October 9, 2008
As a Jew married to a Lutheran, I can’t help but think: what if someone had decided to define marriage as only between two people of the same religion? Certainly, there are plenty of Jews out there who want their children to marry within the religion. For that matter, what’s to stop the state of Minnesota from passing a constitutional amendment that would dissolve my marriage? We are on a slippery slope when we vote to rescind other people’s rights. I cherish the rights and freedoms I have, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have someone take them away from me. [Link]
Read more from non-gay allies.

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Why a straight Minnesota couple will be wed in Canada

Star Tribune
May 23, 2008
A straight couple in Minnesota decided to get married in Canada because "if the institution of marriage in our home state isn't for all, it isn't for us." (Link)

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The Impact of Minnesota’s Discriminatory Laws Only Is Amplified During Economic Uncertainty -unce

Lavendar Magazine
March 21, 2008
Just about every Minnesota family is feeling the uncertainty of today’s economy. Unemployment rose throughout the state late last year, and home foreclosures in the Twin Cities are at an all-time high. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Minnesota’s 12-month job growth was the third worst in the country in December. For about one out of five Minnesota households, a sluggish economy just adds to the financial uncertainty they face every day. In an economic downturn, plans for savings and financial stability take on a whole new meaning for the nearly 20 percent of Minnesota households that are led by same-sex couples. [link]

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Group To Rekindle Rights for Same-Sex Couples Debate In Minnesota

February 4, 2008
When state lawmakers open the new session next week a new group will try to rekindle the debate over whether same-sex couples should have the same rights as men and women who are married. Project 515 focuses on 515 state laws that it says discriminate against same-sex couples and families. Some affect couples in their professional lives, others in times of tragedy. [link]

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In Stand For Marriage Equality, Church Cuts All Unions

December 14, 2007
It doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, you can't get legally married at Lyndale United Church of Christ. The small, liberal church in south Minneapolis was the first of several Twin Cities congregations last year to stop performing civil marriage ceremonies as long as gay marriage is illegal. These churches, and a handful of others around the country that took the same step, will still hold a religious ceremony to bless the unions of straight and gay couples -- but straight couples must go separately to a judge or justice of the peace for the marriage license. "If you feel that gay and lesbian people are loved and credited by God, then how can we continue to discriminate against our brothers and sisters?" asked Rev. Don Portwood, the reserved Nebraska native who's been lead pastor at the 120-member Lyndale United Church of Christ for 27 years. [link]

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