Winning More States: Where marriage stands in 7 key states across the country

In 2013, we've already seen significant developments from states where we can win marriage this year, and several other states have taken the first steps toward winning marriage. Here's a look at some recent victories, and what's on the horizon for these 7 States.

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Nevada Senate approves resolution to begin multi-year campaign for marriage

Last night, Tuesday, April 22, the Nevada Senate voted in favor of a resolution that would begin the process of winning the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Nevada.

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This Week: The freedom to marry faces critical votes in Nevada, Rhode Island and Delaware

This week, legislation to extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in Rhode Island and Delaware - and the first step toward winning marriage in Nevada - faces critical votes. Read about each of the movements in the states here.

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Nevada Senate committee begins process of moving marriage forward

This morning, a Senate committee in Nevada voted to advance a legislative measure that would repeal the state's anti-marriage amendment and replace it with the freedom to marry. The vote is the first step in the process of winning the freedom to marry for all Nevadans.

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Federal judge agrees to hear Nevada marriage lawsuit

Today, a federal judge from the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada agreed to hear 'Sevcik v. Sandoval,' a lawsuit brought by Lambda Legal on behalf of eight same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses in Nevada.

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IRS tax change for domestic partners causes headaches

The Internal Revenue Service is requiring registered domestic partners and married same-sex couples to split their income equally on their federal tax forms. This change in policy toward what is known as community property has been anything but easy to implement. And tax professionals are warning LGBT couples they need to begin thinking about their taxes now to avoid headaches later.

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For same-sex couples, a tax victory that doesn’t feel like one

A decision in May by the Internal Revenue Service that was hailed as a step toward equality for same-sex couples has instead become a headache for tens of thousands of gay and lesbian families in California.

Same-sex couples who are registered domestic partners — or who married during the brief legal window — are facing a new, more complicated tax status, one that has raised a litany of expensive concerns.

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Record number of LGBT candidates elected to office

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund today announced that more openly LGBT candidates won election to public office in the U.S. in 2010 than in any year in America’s history.

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Sandra Day O’Connor lends support to Iowa pro-marriage equality justices

Three of the Supreme Court justices who struck down an Ohio state law denying the freedom to marry are facing "retention votes" this year, and conservatives are using the ruling against them.

The targeting of the Iowa justices has brought together a group of distinguished legal scholars and jurists who have spoken out in support of the beleaguered justices, among them Sandra Day O’Connor.

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Gay couples get equal tax treatment

The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that same-sex couples must be treated the same as heterosexual couples under a feature of California tax law.

Advocates for the change say it is the first time the agency has acknowledged gay couples as a unit for tax purposes.

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