For same-sex couples, a tax victory that doesn’t feel like one

A decision in May by the Internal Revenue Service that was hailed as a step toward equality for same-sex couples has instead become a headache for tens of thousands of gay and lesbian families in California.

Same-sex couples who are registered domestic partners — or who married during the brief legal window — are facing a new, more complicated tax status, one that has raised a litany of expensive concerns.

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Record number of LGBT candidates elected to office

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund today announced that more openly LGBT candidates won election to public office in the U.S. in 2010 than in any year in America’s history.

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Sandra Day O’Connor lends support to Iowa pro-marriage equality justices

Three of the Supreme Court justices who struck down an Ohio state law denying the freedom to marry are facing "retention votes" this year, and conservatives are using the ruling against them.

The targeting of the Iowa justices has brought together a group of distinguished legal scholars and jurists who have spoken out in support of the beleaguered justices, among them Sandra Day O’Connor.

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Gay couples get equal tax treatment

The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that same-sex couples must be treated the same as heterosexual couples under a feature of California tax law.

Advocates for the change say it is the first time the agency has acknowledged gay couples as a unit for tax purposes.

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1,000 Domestic Partnerships Certified in Nevada

The Associated Press
October 27, 2009
Nevada's secretary of state says more than 1,000 couples have registered as domestic partners since enactment of a new law this month provides many of the same protections of straight married couples to gay and straight unmarried partners. [Link]

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Reid Rips LDS Church’s Prop. 8 Support

The Salt Lake Tribune
October 13, 2009
In a meeting with gay-rights activists last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized the LDS Church for backing a ballot measure banning marriage equality in California, saying the leaders of his faith should have stayed out of the contentious political fight. [Link]

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Domestic Partnership Certificates Issued in Nevada

The Associated Press
October 1, 2009
A Nevada state domestic partnership law went into effect Thursday after Governor Jim Gibbons' (R - Nev.) veto of the law was overridden by Nevada legislators in May. Over 750 couples have applied for domestic partnerships thus far. [Link]

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Couples receive clarification on benefits in new Nevada domestic partnership law

Las Vegas Review-Journal
September 15, 2009
Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, state Sen. David Parks and the ACLU of Nevada conducted a discussion Monday at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center in Las Vegas to answer couples' questions about the new domestic partnership law taking effect Oct. 1. [Link]

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Courts Might Decide If Nevada Domestic Partnership Law Extends to Businesses

Las Vegas Sun
September 4, 2009
Nevada's domestic partnership law, which goes into effect Oct. 1, is prompting companies to seek legal advice in terms of how to comply with the law from the standpoint of earned employee benefits - like health benefits for domestic partners. [Link]

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Reno, NV to Offer Domestic Benefits

Reno Gazette-Journal
August 26, 2009
The city of Reno and the Washoe County School District are the first local governments in northern Nevada to offer benefits to the domestic partners of gay and straight city employees as a result of the passage of the Nevada Domestic Partnership Act. [Link]

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