NH GOP Chair John Sununu Calls Marriage Equality ‘Garbage’

April 23, 2009

Towleroad reports that New Hampshire state Republican Chair John Sununu called the state's proposed marriage equality bill "garbage" and suggested that Gov. John Lynch veto it if it passes. [Link]

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Vote in Doubt as New Hampshire Senate Takes Up Marriage Equality

New York Times
April 15, 2009

The fate of a bill that would allow marriage for gay couples in New Hamphire remains uncertain as the divided full state Senate prepares to vote on the measure as soon as next week. The state House approved the legislation last month. [Link]

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New Hampshire marriage bill may get tangled up in senate

April 14, 2009

New Hampshire's Senate Judiciary Committee holds a public hearing on the bill on Wednesday ahead of a full senate vote expected this month or early in May. "It's going to be close in the senate. It is such a political football," said Mo Baxley, director of New Hampshire Freedom to Marry. "But I have no doubt this will happen here. The question is when." [Link]

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OPINION: The Politics of Gay-Bashing

The Seacoast
April 8, 2009
"Marriage equality bills are now being considered by the legislatures of Maine and New Hampshire as well. And once again, the specter of a gubernatorial veto looms over the process. Govs. John Baldacci and John Lynch -- both Democrats -- have previously said they oppose gay marriage, even though they support civil unions. Both men have always seemed to me decent and fair-minded, so my question to them is this: By what rationale would you refuse brother citizens -- who pay their taxes, follow the law and contribute to our community -- the same pursuit of happiness in which you have engaged?" [Link]

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Iowa shows freedom to marry’s time has come and place is everywhere

Google Comments
April 3, 2009

Evan Wolfson writes, "There's a rainbow over Iowa today -- and equality in marriage has come to America's heartland," and discusses the actions everyone can take to help support ongoing work in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, California, and all across the country. (Link)

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Marriage effort shifts back to New England

The Associated Press
March 28, 2009
Five years after Mass. extended marriage equality to gay couples, the focus on marriage for same-sex couples has returned to northern New England as Vt. and N.H. debate legislation that would lift those state's marriage bans. [Link]

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Marriage Equality, Set Back in One State, Gains in a 2nd

New York Times
March 27, 2009
Vt. Gov. Jim Douglas announced Wednesday that he would veto a bill -- recently passed by the state Senate and being debated in the House -- that would allow gay couples to marry. The following day, the New Hampshire House approved a bill that would extend marriage equality to the state's residents. [Link]

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Victory in NH house

The Boston Globe
March 26, 2009
The House has voted to make New Hampshire the third state allowing gay couple to marry two years after they granted them the right to enter into civil unions. The House voted 186-179 to send the bill to the Senate. [Link]

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NH Marriage Bill Deadlocks in Committee

Burlington Free Press
March 18, 2009
The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee voted 10-10 yesterday on legislation that would allow gay couples to marry. As a result, the full state House will now debate the bill next week and vote on it without any recommendation from the committee. [Link]

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New Hampshire House Judiciary Sub-Committee votes to pass marriage equality

New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition
March 12, 2009

Today the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee passed HB436 (marriage equality) and HB415 (anti-discrimination act for gender identity and expression)by a 3-2 vote. The full Committee will be voting on these bills next Tuesday. Take action at New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition. (Link)

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