Same-sex couples to celebrate New Year saying ‘I do’ in NH, 5th state to legalize Freedom to Marry

Los Angeles Times
December 31, 2009

Norma Love writes about several same-sex couples preparing to marry as New Hampshire's marriage equality law goes into effect at midnight. "Jeffry Burr and Neil Blair are just hours from their wedding, but there are no typical prenuptial jitters. After all, this is the third time they've exchanged vows." New Hampshire joins Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Iowa on January 1, 2010 in legalizing the freedom to marry. [Link]

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The Future of Marriage Equality in New Hampshire

Daily Kos
November 8, 2009
Laura Clawson discusses marriage equality in New Hampshire and concerns about its fate after the recent vote in Maine: "Those of us who want to see civil rights advanced have to be constantly vigilant, and get way out in front of any threat to equality." [Link]

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LGBT Advocacy Group Holding Sessions on NH Marriage Equality Law

The Associated Press
November 2, 2009
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) is holding two free workshops on New Hampshire’s marriage equality law (which takes effect Jan. 1) to discuss what the new law means, how it works and answer questions for couples who are in civil unions or wonder if there is a waiting period. [Link]

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Marriage licenses now available in NH for gay and lesbian couples

Boston Herald
October 8, 2009

Gay couples can now apply for marriage licenses in New Hampshire — though the unions can’t be performed until Jan. 1 when the state’s law legalizing the unions takes effect. (Link)

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NOM Arrives In D.C. To Try and Keep Discriminatory DOMA

On Top Magazine
July 16, 2009
The nation's most vocal opponent of marriage equality has opened an office in the nation's Capitol to fight for the discriminatory so called Defense of Marriage Act or "DOMA." The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has been vociferous in its opposition to the freedom to marry victories this spring in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. The group says it will use its D.C. office to “stop any attempt to repeal” the anti-gay "DOMA" law which blocks marriages of gay couples from being recognized at the federal level. [Link]

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Senator Leahy Supports DOMA Repeal

HRC Back Story
July 16, 2009
Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, supports the federal government honoring marriages between same-sex couples. Sen. Leahy: “Well I think now that you have states that are voting for and having marriage equality – Vermont has, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, others, Connecticut – the Defense of Marriage Act is unnecessary, should be repealed.” [Link]

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Respect carries rewards not measured in dollars

Business Insurance
July 6, 2009
A recent report by the Williams Institute concludes that the legalization of freedom to marry could hand New England states an economic advantage. The underlying research follows an idea that many employers embraced more than a decade ago: Equality attracts well-educated, creative professionals whose abilities drive company growth. In a world where competition is everything, local economies, like employers, need every advantage they can muster. But equality isn't just a business argument. Treating people with respect, no matter their differences, makes us all better human beings. [Link]

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No Floor Vote for Freedom to Marry in Rhode Island

The Associated Press
June 28, 2009
Rhode Island seems almost certain to remain the only New England state that does not recognize gay marriage after measures legalizing same-sex unions stalled just before the part-time General Assembly ended the bulk of its annual work. This despite a poll released by Brown University last month which showed 60 percent of registered Rhode Island voters would support a law allowing gay couples to marry, and 75 would support a law allowing civil unions. [Link]

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It is time for us to make marriage equality in Rhode Island a reality

Bay Windows
June 17, 2009
Earlier this month, the New Hampshire legislature took another step in our country’s ongoing struggle to ensure full equality for gays and lesbians by voting to permit same-sex couples in their state to legally enter into civil marriages. The vote makes New Hampshire the sixth state in the country - along with Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and Maine - to provide equal marriage rights to all its residents, and it now leaves Rhode Island as the only New England state that does not permit the freedom to marry. To me, the issue of marriage equality boils down to a question of basic fairness. [Link]

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In Rhode Island, some wary as tide of marriage equality rises at border

The Boston Globe
June 15, 2009

Massachusetts and Connecticut legalized the freedom to marry as a result of judicial decisions in 2003 and 2008, while Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire followed this spring by legislative action. The slower pace in Rhode Island, where the state Senate voted last week to allow same-sex partners to make funeral arrangements, has frustrated some local activists, many of whom rallied outside the State House in Providence last weekend to call for immediate equality. "They still have a chance to be part of the vanguard," said attorney Karen L. Loewy, the Rhode Island point person for GLAD, which won the lawsuits in Massachusetts and Connecticut that legalized marriage equality in those states. "Rhode Island is well on its way." [Link]

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