Watch NH House Live as Marriage Equality Vote Awaits

Follow the New Hampshire House as a vote on the marriage equality bill awaits. Go here to connect:

The Senate passed HB73, the marriage equality bill, just moments ago, and the House is expected to bring the bill up sometime today. If passed as currently written, the bill is expected to be signed by Governor Lynch.

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NH Senate Approves Marriage Equality Bill Amendment

June 3, 2009

The Senate on Wednesday approved a compromise that strengthened the language involving legal protections for religious institutions and related agencies.

The vote was 14-10 along party lines. The amendment now goes to the House. (Link)

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Vote Expected on NH Marriage Equality Bill on Wed.

Manchester Democrat Examiner
June 2, 2009
An "or" here, a sentence there. And with that legislators are ready to vote on the compromise marriage equality bill that Gov. John Lynch says he will sign. The version agreed to by House and Senate negotiators late last week is expected to come up for a vote on Wednesday. [link]

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Take Action in New Hampshire June 3rd

June 1, 2009
The New Hampshire House is scheduled to take a final vote on the marriage equality bill already passed by the Senate. Governor Lynch promised to sign the version of the bill scheduled for voting.

New Hampshire Freedom to Marry sent this call for action:

Day of Action: Support Passage of Marriage Equality in New Hampshire


WHEN: June 3, 2009 at 9am – The Vote
WHERE: The State House Plaza, Concord NH
WHAT: Time to Stand Up and be Counted
CONTACT: NH Freedom to Marry - / Phone: 223-0309 / Email:

Where were you on June 3rd? Click here to let us know you are coming.

One Vote! That was the margin of victory for the New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage’s attack on Equality. One Vote! And, only one week left to make history in New Hampshire. The opposition is more energized than ever, June 3rd will be the final vote on marriage equality and it will be close – WE NEED YOUR HELP TO WIN!

On June 3rd will you take a stand for Marriage Equality?

We will gather on the plaza of the State House to ask our legislators to continue their support for marriage equality and to witness a historic day in New Hampshire. This will be a time to thank the legislators who have stood up for all New Hampshire families and to ask them to vote yes on HB 73. LET’S SEND OUR OUT-OF-STATE OPPONENTS BACK HOME!

We need your help to show the legislature that marriage equality is a New Hampshire value!

What you can do:

1. Show up - Click here to attend the Day of Action on June 3rd
2. Car pool - Invite and bring along 10 family members, friends, or neighbors
3. Volunteer – Help us prepare for the June 3rd vote (
4. Donate! - Let’s make sure we win...keep us going one more week.

P.S. Don’t forget to call and thank your legislator for their support of marriage equality - - and remind them to vote yes on HB 73 during the June 3rd session!

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NH Governor Approves of Changes to Marriage Bill

May 30, 2009
Friday a conference committee of the New Hampshire House and Senate reached a compromise agreement and Saturday Governor John Lynch told NewsNine it appears that lawmakers are meeting his demands for more protections of religious freedom. [link]

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Compromise Reached on NH Marriage Bill

Boston Globe
May 29, 2009
New Hampshire House and Senate negotiators on Friday agreed to add one sentence and change one word in a bill that will determine whether the state allows gay marriage. Both chambers have approved bills to legalize the freedom to marry, but Gov. John Lynch later demanded additional language. The new version is expected to come up for a vote Wednesday. [link]

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NH Senate: No Ballot Vote on Marriage Rights

Union Leader
May 27, 2009
Senate Democrats killed a move yesterday to put the freedom to marry before voters next year.
By a 14-10 vote, the Senate defeated a move to put a non-binding referendum on the November 2010 ballot. Democrats argued that two past state Supreme Court decisions have said the state Constitution does not allow referenda. [link]

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N.H. Backers Regroup on Freedom to Marry

Boston Globe
May 22 2009
New Hampshire supporters of marriage for gay couples are scrambling to regroup after the House rejected a bill that would have made the Granite State the sixth in the country to allow such unions. "I think the conference committee will meet and make sure every I is dotted, every T is crossed and look at the language," said Mo Baxley, the coalition's executive director. "I think both houses will approve the work of the conference and the governor will sign the bill." [link]

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EDITORIAL: Governor will regret marriage flip-flop

Nashua Telegraph
May 21, 2009

The Nashua Telegraph says that N.H. Gov. John Lynch is in a "lose-lose situation with gay marriage opponents" over his announcement that he would sign marriage equality legislation if it was amended to expand religious exemptions. [Link]

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Lew Feldstein: Reflections on Leadership and the Freedom to Marry

New Hampshire Union Leader Op-Ed
May 21, 2009
Last week, Gov. John Lynch changed his position on marriage for gay couples, overcoming his significant personal misgivings to propose a modified bill he could support. Some are furious at his decision, others that it took a while for him to make it. Where is it written that absolute fidelity to one's original position and haste in making decisions are requisites of integrity in public service? In fact, both qualities are subordinate to the ultimate responsibility of the elected official -- to consider, to deliberate and to use his judgment. [link]

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