BLOG: Stop calling my civil union a marriage

Blue Jersey
May 23, 2007
Ignoring the differences between civil unions and marriage doesn't make them go away. Pretending that civil unions are the same as marriage doesn't make it true. The latest news here in New Jersey is proving, just as Blue Jersey predicted, that civil unions are an inferior status that don't work in the real world, and aren't working in New Jersey. [link]

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BLOG: NJ civil unions after two months & why “marriage” still matters

The Huffington Post
April 24, 2007
Civil unions and domestic partnerships may seem fine on paper, but they just don't work in the real world. Same sex couples in New Jersey can attest to that. Of the 575 couples registered as of April 20, many have alerted the advocacy group Garden State Equality that employers and insurers are denying them protection — some 54 in all. That's a 10% rate of inadequate rights — "one of the most astonishing rates of failure for a civil rights law in our lifetime," according to Garden State Equality chair Steven Goldstein. Not to mention that those 54 are just the ones we know about. [link]

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The story behind ‘Think Equal’

Blue Jersey
December 11, 2006
After the elections, I had been thinking about the NJ Supreme Court's decision on same-sex couples, and wanted to do something for equality. I wasn't quite sure what I — a straight political junkie kid — had to offer... One of the things we felt we could address is how the netroots talks about marriage. Often, we ignore the substance of the issue to discuss the politics — how the right uses it as a distraction, how silly their attacks are, and what's the best way for candidates to approach the issue. In doing so, it makes us think marriage is being discussed, but it's really not. [Link]

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Evan Speech in Montclair, NJ

'Separate is not equal' is the rally cry in NJ
The Montclair Times
November 1, 2006

"You have worked long and hard to bring us to this day, to bring us to this milestone in lesbian and gay rights, but you know that a milestone is not the end, it is a marker along the path," Evan Wolfson told the crowd at a rally held at the Unitarian Church of Montclair the night of the decision. "You have done this work, and I'm here to tell you today on the behalf of so many grateful people around the country, that we ask you, we need you, we count on you, to finish the job."

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The Religious Right Attacking Gay People

Religious Right hope NJ ruling will galvanize forces
The Washington Post
October 27, 2006

Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said religious conservatives have gone to this well too many times, and people are not buying it.
"They attack gay people when the sun rises, and they attack gay people when the sun sets, so no matter what the court had done in New Jersey, they would have said Americans need to shift their attention from the real threats to our country to the alleged threat from gay couples seeking to settle down."

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A Marriage for Civil Union?

ANALYSIS: New Jersey's Justices agree on all but the 'M' word
New York Times
October 26, 2006

"Should the State Legislature ultimately give gay unions a name other than marriage, Mr. Wolfson said, it would amount to discrimination. 'I don't think there is an American in the country,' he said, 'who would cash in their marriage in exchange for a civil union.'"[Link]

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