NM gay people married in MA face uncertainties

Washington Blade
August 3, 2007
The problems that gay couples from New Mexico and Rhode Island face in getting their Massachusetts unions recognized are unusual. "The right wing has carved a gay exception into that tradition of respect and stability," Evan Wolfson said. "New Mexico and Massachusetts are moving in the direction of treating committed same-sex couples the same as any other couple." [link]

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NM remains in limbo over marriage

Free New Mexican
July 26, 2007

Gay New Mexicans can marry in Massachusetts, but it may not make much difference once the honeymoon is over and they're home. New Mexico hasn't outlawed same-sex marriages, but it hasn't endorsed them either. [link]

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NM same-sex couples can marry in MA

July 20, 2007
July 18, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, via the Department of Public Health and Registry of Vital Records and Statistics, issued a corrective notice to all Massachusetts city and town clerks authorizing them to allow same-sex couples from New Mexico to apply for marriage licenses. [link]

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Anti-gay bill blocked by New Mexico’s House

New Mexican
February 16, 2005
State legislation banning gay couples from marriage was indefinitely tabled in a House Committee hearing. Opponents of the anti-gay legislation said the Land of Enchantment "need[s] to project an image of tolerance." [link]

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