County at crossroads over benefits lawsuit

Democrat and Chronicle
May 7, 2008

New York state's highest court refused to hear an appeal for a case in which a lower appellate court ruled in favor of recognizing an out-of-state marriage by a same-sex couple. (Link)

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New Yorkers push for marriage bill in legislature

Star Gazette
April 30, 2008

More than 2,000 people gathered at the NY Capitol to urge the legislature to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage. (Link)

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Oyster Bay gay couple denied marriage license

April 29, 2008

A couple is denied a marriage license while surrounded by allies, an act meant to prompt movement of the marriage bill in the NY Senate: "We are law-abiding citizens," said Pinello, a government professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "We pay our taxes. We have no other choice left." (Link)

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Two Men in Oyster Bay to Apply for Marriage License

April 27, 2008

NY couple plans an act of civil disobedience to call attention to the marriage equality bill awaiting action in the NY Senate. (Link)

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Outspoken for Equality

April 24, 2008

Residents head to Albany to fight for ending the exclusion of lesbian and gay couples from marriage. (Link)

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NY Court Strikes Down Gay Pension Ruling
March 31, 2008
A New York appeals court has vacated the ruling of a lower court that a gay man was not entitled to spousal health insurance benefits even though he and his spouse were lawfully married in Canada. [Link]

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NY’s Next Governor: Lauded as Consensus Builder

March 12, 2008
Paterson is considered a strong consensus builder, a man whose lifelong disability and status as a racial minority have made him sensitive to others' needs and a clear and empathetic communicator. Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, described Paterson as a staunch ally of the LGBT community. "He's been a long-time supporter of ending discrimination in marriage and I'm confident he would also be a strong advocate in the battles to come," Wolfson says. [Link]

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Interpreting a Landmark Ruling As Big Step Toward Marriage Equality

The Edge
March 6, 2008
When a New York appellate court ruled that out-of-state marriages between same-sex couples were legal there, it marked a major step in the establishing of marriage equality in this country. But the victory, while certainly another step in the right direction, was maddeningly ironic: New York gays and lesbians who want to get married still can’t do so in their home state--which will, however, recognize them if done elsewhere. [Link]

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Need to End Exclusion from Marriage Gains Notice in State Court

New York Times
March 6, 2008
On the way home from work in Rochester, Patricia Martinez stopped at a liquor store and bought a small bottle of Champagne to celebrate her marriage to another woman. The wedding took place in Canada nearly four years ago, but it wasn't until Feb. 1 that a New York appellate court declared it valid in the state... Last week in Manhattan, a State Supreme Court justice, ruling in a divorce proceeding, recognized the Canadian marriage of two New York City women. Advocates for marriage say the two court decisions last month granting reciprocity in New York to marriages of same-sex couples in other jurisdictions simply underline what most people would consider common sense. [Link]

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3 Gay Couples Settle in as Parents

The Journal News
February 24, 2008
Outside the three households, an American culture war rages over the rights of gay men and women to raise children. Inside, these three have been raising theirs for as long as a decade…Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said the ruling [in NY to recognize out of state marriages by same-sex couples] will mean more to the children of gay couples than how the bills get paid. "Beyond the tangible legal consequences, there's the intangible security that matters a lot to kids," Wolfson said. "Children whose parents are married have a legal relationship to both parents and are given a strong, clear confirmation from society that they and their parents form a family and that family is worthy of respect." [Link]

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