Straight Rabbi at gay shul set to be not-quite-married

New York Magazine
June 15, 2007
"This is one of the major social injustices of our time," Rabbi Ayelet Cohen said. "I cannot, in good conscience, participate in a system that actively excludes and discriminates against same-sex couples" — including her 4,000 congregants. [Link]

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Marriage equality is gaining favor in NY

New York Post
May 30, 2007
By a sizable 63-29 percent, voters between 18 and 34 years of age said they approved marriage equality. It was the first time the Siena College survey had asked a marriage question, so there were no past results for comparison. [Link]

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The significance of NY’s gov. submitting marriage bill

May 1, 2007

"The fact that an intelligent, ambitious, strong politician like Eliot Spitzer feels he can do this and that he will be vindicated by history shows the momentum toward marriage equality," said Evan Wolfson. This is the first time any U.S. governor has authored and introduced a marriage-equality bill to a state legislature.

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Spitzer vows to push NY marriage bill

Washington Blade
April 27, 2007

"Introducing the bill is a good, crucial, exciting first step," said Evan Wolfson. "But New York advocates, gay and non-gay, as well as the governor and legislators, have to really focus now on getting this bill through first the Assembly, then the Senate and to the governor's desk. And thats going to take a lot of work and even more leadership."

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Activists predict progress in NY, CA, WA, this year

Washington Blade
January 26, 2007

Evan Wolfson
, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said there is also reason for hope in Massachusetts.
"The new legislature has more pro-marriage legislators combined with a new pro-marriage governor. This will allow wiser heads to prevail. If it gets on the ballot, we will defeat it, but I would rather spend our resources for other states in their battles for marriage equality."


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Success Comes from Convincing Americans

Court decisions point to timidity
Christian Science Monitor
July 28, 2006

"Whether you start this in a court or you start this in a legislature, ultimately to succeed we have to convince Americans that it is wrong to exclude same-sex couples from marriage," says Matthew Coles, director of the ACLU's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Project in New York.

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Court Uses Accidental Babies to Justify Descrimination

Gay People's Chronicle
July 14, 2006

"In a ruling reminiscent of the now-overturned Bowers v. Hardwick decision upholding gay sex prohibitions, New York's highest court said gay and lesbian couples do not have a constitutional right to marry because heterosexual couples sometimes have accidental babies."


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Marriage Was a Valentine’s Day Focus

Gay City News
February 16, 2006

Advocates led by Marriage Equality, Metropolitan Community Church converged in downtown New York. Evan Wolfson said about the event, We have an opportunity to have a much greater impact by going out and engaging opinion makers and groups of New Yorkers on this issue. The next several months are crucial because we have to create a climate that shows New Yorkers are ready for it.

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