NOM’s Efforts to Hide Its Donors Hit Another Snag

The so-called "National Organization for Marriage" lost another round in court, this time in Maine.

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NOM Caught Lying (Again)

The Pulitzer Prize-winning website PolitiFact graded as "false" a claim in the latest mailing from the so-called "National Organization for Marriage."

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Marriage Is and Will Always Be About Love

In a guest post, Lea Gillmore of the Maryland Black Family Alliance responds to a recent anti-marriage op-ed in The Baltimore Sun.

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Big Response Against Anti-Marriage Argument in Maryland

The Baltimore Sun was inundated by a strong negative reaction from readers about an op-ed opposing the marriage bill now being considered by the legislature.

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Fighting Back Against NOM’s Latest Assault on Marriage

Freedom to Marry supporters have just sent us a shocking leaflet from the Minnesota Family Council – a group closely connected to the so-called "National Organization for Marriage." In their own words, NOM plans to "stop the gay marriage movement in its tracks."

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Freedom to Marry’s Sean Eldridge on Marriage – Personal and Political

In an interview on Swirl Radio, Freedom to Marry Political Director Sean Eldridge spoke about the state of the marriage movement in America, as well as his own recent engagement to Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

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Two Iowa Senate democrats say loyalty to Gronstal trumps support for marriage amendment

A handful of Senate Democrats who would be the deciding votes on an amendment to ban marriage equality said Tuesday they won't join minority Republicans to force a vote this year.

Barring a change of heart, that means the effort to allow a public vote on a constitutional amendment to ban the freedom to marry is dead in the Iowa Legislature this session.

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Video: Iowa Democratic Chair urges lawmakers not to be distracted by marriage ban

Retaining the jobs we have and creating new ones, that's what Iowa's Democratic Chair says the state's lawmakers should be focusing on, not banning marriage equality.

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Eric Hartley: Still waiting for ‘the real thing’

While many gay or lesbian couples from Maryland got married in Washington, D.C., after that city legalized same-sex marriage last year, Barry Kessler and David Hankey have waited. The Arnold couple was a bit wary of a D.C. marriage. The Maryland attorney general says the state can recognize out-of-state marriages, but what if it didn't for some reason?

But the real reason they're waiting is less legal and more profound: They want "the real thing," as Hankey put it.

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Suits on Marriage Equality may force Administration to take a Stand

President Obama has balanced on a political tightrope for two years over the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, the contentious 1996 law barring federal recognition of marriages of same-sex couples.

Now, two new federal lawsuits threaten to snap that rope out from under him.

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