No! to marriage ban

Religious Right Watch
July 18, 2008
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has set up a special fund, "No On Proposition 8," to direct 100% of your contribution today to the fight against the anti-marriage ballot initiative in California. [Link]

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One Month Anniversary of Marriage in California

San Francisco Bay Times
July 17, 2008
Local communities have also expressed support for these weddings. In Santa Cruz, Dinah and Gail, together 26 years, got married and in response, their county clerk said, “When you talk to these couples who have been together decades, it just breaks my heart knowing they couldn’t do this before.” [Link]

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California gays ditch wedding gifts for donations

July 14, 2008
Actor George Takei, best known for playing Mr. Sulu on the TV series "Star Trek," and his partner, Brad Altman, are among the couples promoting the idea. "Brad and I have been together for 21 years so we have our toasters and mixers. What are we going to do with more things?" said Takei, 71, who plans to marry Altman in September in Los Angeles. [Link]

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Mass. marriage equality advocates, opponents, lend a hand in Cali

Bay Windows
June 26, 2008
With California voters poised to decide the future of marriage equality in their state, advocates on both sides of the issue in Massachusetts are providing limited assistance to their allies in that state. [Link]

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COLUMNIST: Cross-border skirmishes

Bay Windows
June 19, 2008
"It is precisely because the fight for marriage equality is so important that we should wage it smartly and responsibly, which means working together. Let’s stop demanding shortcuts and cooperate in the slow and steady work of making real and lasting change." [Link]

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Battle in the equality corral

June 12, 2008
If you are on the corral fence, watching this battle, it is time to do the right thing. Talk to your friends and relatives, with the people you work or go to church with. Write letters to the papers. Link]

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Gay Newlyweds Advised Not to Sue

San Francisco Chronicle
June 11, 2008
LGBT advocacy groups released a memo that says that gay couples who marry in Calif. should get support from their local community, but refrain from filing lawsuits which could be harmful for marriage for gay couples. [Link]

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Washington’s domestic partners get more rights this week

Seattle Times
June 9, 2008
"It's an exciting step forward," said Josh Friedes, advocacy director of the gay-rights group Equal Rights Washington. "This new law provides a significant basket of new rights, nevertheless, the safety net for our families remain inadequate." [Link]

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Attorneys: CA’s landmark decision

The Desert Sun
June 10, 2008

Shannon Minter, the legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Geoff Kors, Equality California executive director, sat down with The Desert Sun recently to discuss the landmark decision. [Link]

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LGBT Organizations Urge Couples Marrying in California to “Make Change, Not Lawsuits”


For Immediate Release: June 10, 2008

Evan Wolfson, Executive Director
Mobile: 646-263-5552

NEW YORK - Four LGBT legal organizations and five other leading national LGBT groups have issued a statement entitled “Make Change, Not Lawsuits.” The statement explains that while couples who go to California to marry should ask friends, neighbors and institutions to honor their marriages, they generally shouldn’t sue. The statement says that ill-timed lawsuits are likely to set the fight for marriage back, and that there are other ways to fight which are more likely to win.

Access the advisory online at:

# # #

Freedom to Marry is the gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide. Launched in 2003, Freedom to Marry is headed by Evan Wolfson, nationally recognized as a central "architect of the marriage equality movement." Freedom to Marry guides and focuses this social justice movement on a nationwide level, serving as a strategy and support center for national, state, and local partners, a catalyst that drives and shapes the national debate on marriage equality, and an alliance-builder fostering support from non-gay allies.

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